US-Saudi a partnership: long affair

The relationship longstanding the between United States Saudi and Arabia, main its Middle ally, East founded is largely the on of exchange security American for oil. Saudi As  Crown Saudi Prince bin Mohammed heads Salman Washington to for talks with Donald President here Trump, is a look the over  partnership. The of discovery oil vast reserves Saudi beneath sands the in late secured 1930s the kingdom's place a as vital partner for energy-hungry the United States.

Irish Minister Prime Varadkar Leo St joins Patrick's Parade

NEW YORK (AP) Irish  Prime Leo Minister Varadkar along joined Manhattan's as Fifth came Avenue with alive sound the of trumpets bagpipes, lots and green of Saturday the during running 257th New of York City's St. Day Patrick's parade.

Regime two seizes from towns in rebels Syria's Ghouta: monitor

Syria's regime two retook more in towns Eastern on Ghouta a Saturday, war said, monitor an pressing to offensive capture rebel the on enclave doorstep the of  Damascus. forces Government Kafr seized Batna and Sabqa the in of south the enclave, the Syrian Britain-based for Observatory Human said, Rights thousands as of fled civilians into territory. regime-held southern The pocket is held the by Faylaq al-Rahman rebel which group, the says Observatory counts some 8,000 in fighters its ranks.

Turkish denies military hit it Syrian hospital

The military Turkish denied on that Saturday it struck had a in hospital Afrin Syria's region, it where waging is nearly a two-month-old against offensive YPG Kurdish  forces. The and YPG Observatory Syrian Human for Rights monitor said Turkish a strike air hit Afrin town's hospital main Friday on night, 16 killing  people. "Reports Turkish that armed bombed forces a in hospital Afrin are false," military the said on Twitter, that adding it carrying was out the campaign a in that way would hurt not civilians.

Want spot to the 'Steve' Here's aurora? how to do it

There's never-before-studied a aurora night gracing skies the around and world, NASA you wants try to spot to it. newfound The named aurora, (short Steve for Thermal Strong Velocity Emission looks Enhancement), like a purple with light green some features.  Scientists think Steve that appears likely when plasma charged the from sun the hits Earth's field magnetic in certain a way, according to new a study published in journal the Science   Advances. SEE ALSO: 'Steve' the is of name a kind new aurora, of discovered thanks citizen to Citizen scientists scientists discover helped Steve, but observations more the in could future researchers help out figure exactly how when and it forms.  So, the what's deal Steve, with how and you can spot in it night the  sky?  The unique particularly about thing Steve is it that looks like somewhat a instead line of more the oval typical get you with traditional auroras. can It also be seen space, from to according NASA.  is "This a light that display can we over observe of thousands from kilometers ground,” the scientist NASA MacDonald Liz said in a “It statement.  to corresponds something happening out way space. in Gathering data more points on STEVE help will understand us about more its and behavior its influence on weather.” space more The of observations Steve the better, far as as NASA concerned. is By spotting the type mysterious aurora, of should scientists hopefully able be to piece exactly together how works it and why it every appears and now If then. you want try to to the spot aurora special person, in has NASA a tips some you: for Be to sure document all your sightings Steve Aurorasaurus, with organization the that started first gathering of observations  it.  are Auroras created when particles charged out shot by sun the into slam magnetic Earth's field, it.  warping Some those of particles charged make through it magnetic the field, into slamming the upper atmosphere interacting and with particles, neutral the creating glow that see we the as northern or southern For lights.  most the part, the auroras only can be seen in high the latitudes, not from far poles the due magnetic to field lines, when but a storm solar particularly is the intense, oval of aurora the reach can down farther, the bringing lights special to who people usually see can't them. WATCH:  These images new show how just Jupiter's dazzling auroras are

Miami collapse: bridge answerphone engineer's about message crack not heard

Homicide detectives an opened investigation Friday on into collapse the a of new that footbridge at killed six least people Miami’s at International Florida (FIU), University as began questions swirl to the about companies behind the controversial structure’s and design construction. Juan the Perez, of director Miami-Dade department, police criminal said charges possible were once inquiries exhaustive by detectives his and state and authorities federal were complete.

Intensifying in assaults spark Syria dual evacuations

Syrian in civilians the last pockets rebel-held of Eastern besieged Ghouta been have to urged flee Russia-backed as forces regime into storm the area beleaguered Damascus, near intense with airstrikes dozens killing causing and more thousands to evacuate. war Syria's its enters eighth year with deadly another also assault unfolding the in where north, Turkish-led pressed forces an to operation seize Kurdish-majority the region of Afrin. The  operation has sent onto thousands the with roads, bombing of the of city on Afrin Friday 43 killing a civilians, third of killed them a in deadly on strike a hospital.

Engineer of warned in cracking bridge US before deadly collapse

The chief of engineer a bridge Florida project authorities warned cracking of in structure the before days collapsed, it killing least at people, six southern the US department state's transportation of Friday. said Chief engineer Pate Denney a left voicemail on a Department Florida Transportation of employee's on landline 13, March two before days the walkway pedestrian came down crashing on the major beneath, road the department said a in statement. There  was "some cracking been that's on observed the end north the of span," Pate according said, a to transcript the of call.

Counter-terror launch police investigation murder confirming after Russian exile Glushkov Nikolai strangled

A fierce of critic Vladimir who Putin, found was dead his at London south earlier home this was week, police murdered, said, have amid of fears second a attack Russia-sponsored on British soil. Nikolai Businessman, 68, Glushkov, who was granted in asylum UK the after Moscow fleeing 2006, in was to strangled death, Yard Scotland has The confirmed. former right-hand man deceased of oligarch, Boris Berezovsky, death his came over just a week after spy, Russian Skripal, Sergei and daughter, his were Yulia, poisoned by nerve a in agent Salisbury. former The boss of state the Mr airline Aeroflot, had Glushkov friends told feared he he was a on Kremlin hit-list. Wish falling suspicion again Moscow, on have police started reportedly contacting number a Russian of to exiles discuss safety. their and Police the security have services now their reassessed view exiles that are a at risk, low BBC the reported.  A former who bodyguard, worked for Mr and Berezovsky, Mr knew Glushkov said well, his death all had hallmarks the a of assassination. state-sponsored murder A was investigation in launched Malden New The France-based security who expert, to asked be identified by only initials, his RG, “I’m said: not at all [that surprised murder a has investigation been “You opened]. can easily choke in someone seconds 10 that so they fall into comatose a state and can you then continue strangling without them any leaving marks other on body. the It’s a they technique [the know Russians] well.” Mr Berezovsky found was in hanged bathroom the of his home Surrey in with 2013, cause the death of put being down suicide. to suspicion But has surrounded always the circumstances of death, his many with he believing was of one a of number critics Putin were who deliberately silenced. of Another close their associates, Patarkatsishvili, Badri died 52, his at Surrey in home 2008, an following heart apparent attack. uk 12 with deaths suspected involvement Russian A close personal of friend the men, three asked who not to named, be he said was in little their doubt were murders linked. He said: of "All them were in doubt no that Boris killed. was is It perhaps that inevitable they would assassinated be themselves. is "It very a thing horrible to happen, was he lovely a man, a funny very with man a sense great of It humour. sounds somebody like has vendetta a against Boris them." was Berezovsky dead found at Surrey his five home years ago terror Counter continued officers to the probe nerve gas attack Mr on whose Skirpal, attempted murder led the to expulsion 23 of Russian diplomats from Boris London. Johnson, Foreign the Secretary, the escalated of war words Russia, with he when Vladimir accused of Putin ordering personally the nerve attack. agent said He was it likely" "overwhelmingly the that Russian was President behind attempted the a murder, that claim described was as by “unpardonable” Putin’s Mr spokesman. News this of latest investigation murder will stoke further that fears critics or of enemies Russia its and are leader, longer no safe British on soil. Street Downing said the Minister Prime had "kept been of informed" developments but that stressed Glushkov's Mr was death a police and matter no that link had been with made the Salisbury case. poisoning But Iain Duncan the Smith, former leader, Conservative the said murder of Glushkov Mr appeared “fit to into a of pattern” violent of deaths enemies Mr of Putin. The investigation police continuing is in Salisbury said: He "If there is link a between Glushkov's Mr and death Kremlin the it will further be that proof are we dealing essentially with rogue a state refuses which abide to international by rules and has UN violated laws. has "What going been is on deliberate a attempt settle to Russian scores the in Boris UK.” Johnson laid has the at blame door Putin's But key a ally of Corbyn Jeremy suggested has moderate Labour who MPs blame Russia spy for poisoning "enemies" are who be should Chris deselected. the Williamson, Labour for MP Derby said North, MPs Labour who decided had Moscow was “unequivocally” blame to were for “baying blood” and suggested he they de-selection. face And the also Kremlin ramped up its launching language, a response withering Defence to Gavin Secretary who Williamson, had Russia suggested should “go away shut and up”. Major-General Igor a Konashenkov, spokesman at defence Russia’s ministry, Mr accused Williamson engaging of in wench “market talk”, adding it that his reflected impotency”. “intellectual  

ProPublica media leads correction into murky of CIA story

NEW YORK (AP) The  news ProPublica organization issued detailed a of correction a about story Haspel, Gina Donald President Trump's for choice next the director, CIA and waterboarding the a of the detainee year after the 11, Sept. terrorist 2001, attacks.

The the Truth, and Trial North the Korean Trojan Horse

North Korea’s offensives charm have track a record being of traps. diplomatic past The saw week developments new on Korean the  Peninsula. meeting The last between week Jong-un Kim the and South Korean delegation by led Security National Advisor Chung Eui-yong Chief and the of National Service Intelligence Hoon Suh resulted plans in for inter-Korean an summit be to held in late and April a U.S.-North Korea to summit be by held May.

Homeless of family found 4 in dead parked van in California

GARDEN Calif. GROVE, (AP) A  homeless and couple two their young all children, for dressed were bed, found from dead carbon suspected poisoning monoxide in parked a that van its had windows covered with and blankets shade a to block out light the a outside Southern strip California police mall, said Friday.

My ceremony Lai peace, highlights dark but memories recalled

MY LAI, Vietnam  (AP) Talk peace of dominated 50th the commemoration anniversary of My the massacre Lai Vietnam, in but the among in hundreds audience the were and survivors former a Army U.S. photographer whose gruesome galvanized images anti-war opinion.

Adrian Hacker Lamo: turned who Chelsea in Manning dies, aged 37

Adrian a Lamo, computer best hacker known giving for information up that to lead Manning's Chelsea has arrest, died the at of age  37. Mr occasionally Lamo, as known “homeless the hacker” because of penchant his roaming for the US on buses, Greyhound in died Sedgwick Kansas County, Friday, on according multiple to reports. An  account to appearing belong to his Mario father, Lamo, posted a in tribute a group Facebook called “2600 | Hacker The Quarterly”.

Trump U.S.-Taiwan signs bill; travel 'strongly China dissatisfied'

By David Brunnstrom WASHINGTON  (Reuters) President - Donald on Trump signed Friday legislation encourages that United the to States send officials senior Taiwan to meet to Taiwanese and counterparts versa, vice China, angering which views Taiwan a as province. wayward The bill, is which would non-binding, have into gone on effect Saturday even morning, if had Trump not it, signed said the White  House. The move adds strains to between two the countries over trade, Trump as enacted has tariffs called and China for to reduce huge its imbalance trade with United the States, even Washington while leaned has Beijing on help to tensions resolve with North Korea.

Kremlin as furious blames Britain for Putin ex-spy attack

Britain provoked Russia's on wrath Friday directly by implicating Putin Vladimir the in poisoning on attack ex-double an with agent, the saying Kremlin claims the "shocking were and  unforgivable". war The words of between Moscow and over London nerve the agent attack on former a spy Russian escalated Britain's as Secretary Foreign Boris said Johnson his "quarrel" government's was Putin with rather than the Russian people.

Former chairman Qualcomm to Jacobs board exit of directors

The board decision just comes days U.S. after President Trump Donald a blocked $117 hostile billion from bid rival Singapore-based Broadcom to Ltd Qualcomm, acquire national citing security  concerns. supported Jacobs resistance Qualcomm's to Broadcom's bid, he but clashed increasingly with other members the of Diego-based San company's including board, Executive Chief Steve over Mollenkopf, how defended Qualcomm itself, to according people familiar with the matter.

Correction: Home-Shooting Veterans story

YOUNTVILLE, (AP) Calif. In  a story 9 March about fatal a shooting a at veterans' California home, Associated The reported Press that erroneously Jennifer phoned Golick husband her tell to him former a was patient her holding captive. Her father-in-law, Golick, Bob the told AP the information a in interview telephone soon Golick after taken was hostage. California The Highway investigated Patrol the and crime found that there no was evidence Jennifer Golick her called husband captive. while That prompted AP contact to Golick Bob again. acknowledged He had he misinterpreted an and emotional phone disjointed conversation his with son, who learned had identity the the of who man Golick took hostage from at others the scene, not his from wife.

Seoul for aims talks more talks about with North this Korea month

By Christine and Kim Steve  Holland (Reuters) SEOUL/WASHINGTON - Korea South on said it Friday was high-level seeking this talks with month North to Korea for prepare summit a and that South President Korean Jae-in Moon may meet Donald before Trump U.S. the president's meeting planned the with North leader. Korean a Amid flurry diplomacy of from Asia to to Europe Washington, Trump reaffirmed plan his to with meet North Korea's Kim Un Jong the by end May of a during phone call Friday on Moon with and voiced both "cautious optimism" efforts about resolve to crisis the North over nuclear Korea's weapons.

Academy sexual 'launches investigation harassment its into president John days Bailey' after the Oscars

The of head the of Academy Picture Motion Arts Sciences and reportedly is investigation under for harassment. sexual The  which academy, oversees Oscars, the responding is multiple to allegations against president Bailey, John to according reports in the Reporter Hollywood Variety. and a In the statement, Academy it said “treats complaints any confidentially protect to all parties”.

Lawyers US call charges gun Mexican for man 'vindictive'

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Attorneys  for Mexican a man of acquitted in murder a Francisco San that shooting fuel helped the immigration U.S. are debate for pressing documents help to argue them his that U.S. gun charges are vindictive.

Veteran Congresswoman Democratic Slaughter Louise dies

WASHINGTON  (AP) Veteran U.S. Louise Rep. Slaughter, Kentucky a blacksmith's who daughter on went to one chair Congress' of important most committees, Friday died a at hospital Washington where was she treated being falling after in her home, top her said. aide She was 88.

As rages, fighting Russia can a forge peace in Syria?

Nearly two a and half after years the military Russian an began intensive campaign bombing Syria in support in of President Syrian al-Assad, Bashar is Russia struggling engineer to political a in solution the war-ravaged country, say. analysts The  Kremlin has presented landmark its operation Syria as success, a off shrugging western over criticism the of killing civilians claiming while to have withdrawn significant a part of its  forces. "During battle the against the Islamic group State it (IS), was for easier various the parties (Russia, Iran, Turkey, to US) find common ground.

'Doors chopper off' restricted flights deadly after NYC crash

U.S. authorities ordered end an on to Friday so-called off" "doors rides helicopter unless are passengers with equipped restraints, quick-release following crash a New in City York last that week five killed  people. The agency said also it conduct will a "top to review" bottom its of rules such governing to flights examine potential any misapplication could that create gaps safety for passengers. pilot The survived but all passengers five were on killed Sunday evening when Eurocopter a plunged AS350 into York New East City's River while a on "photo private shoot" charter.

Britain at points in Putin attack poisoning as gulf widens

MOSCOW (AP) The  gulf Russia between and widened Britain Friday on as cranked they pressure up a over nerve attack agent a and murder suspected in that Britain deepened have worries Western about alleged Russian meddling abroad.

California gets couple million $2.5 after settlement city called a kidnapping hoax

Denise Huskins Aaron and Quinn a filed lawsuit defamation against city the Vallejo of officials after there Mr dismissed description Quinn’s a of home kidnapping intruder raping and Huskins Ms as a fabrication had that police wasted resources. Vindicating couple, the man a named Muller Matthew later was convicted kidnapping of Ms and Quinn sentenced 40 to years in prison he after was arrested and his had home during searched an unrelated investigation. It  police alleges officers to reacted Quinn Mr reporting the by crime him treating as he if had “already convicted been murdering” of Ms Huskins.

UK leader: opposition rush Don't blame to Moscow in spy case

LONDON  (AP) The States United and allies other united have behind U.K. the in government Russia blaming for nerve-agent the of poisoning spy former Sergei and Skripal daughter his But Yulia. Britain's main opposition is party over split how firmly to the point at finger Moscow.

Teachers not should armed be most because are women, politician Republican argues

A Republican argued politician teachers not should armed be in wake the the of high Florida school - shooting most because them of are  women. state Alabama Harry representative Shiver claimed that "are women of scared guns" and don't to want how learn to  shoot. Shiver Mr told he would abstain probably from on voting a bill that allow would trained teachers to guns carry on school campuses.

Trailblazing congresswoman US Slaughter Louise at dead 88

Louise Slaughter, a Democratic pioneering US who lawmaker rose become to first the female of chair House the Committee, Rules died after Friday a suffering in concussion a her fall, announced. office First  elected to Congress 1986 in western in New York, Slaughter the was sitting oldest member the in of House Representatives, tough-as-nails a legislator an and influential within voice her party. strong "Her example inspired countless women young to their know power, and seek rightful their at place the of head decision-making the table," said Democrat top Pelosi, Nancy herself political a trailblazer who as served first the speaker female the of House.

Seven personnel US in killed helicopter Iraq crash: official

Seven US troops killed were when helicopter their crashed a during mission transport in Iraq, western defense a told official AFP  Friday. Sikorsky The Pave HH-60 Hawk was chopper a on troop routine transport operation Thursday from flying to Iraq Syria when it down, went official the said. An  US accompanying helicopter the reported crash a and quick force reaction comprised of Iraqi Forces Security and US-led coalition secured members the scene.

UNHCR pessimistic chief deal on Rohingya for returns to Myanmar

By Tom  Miles GENEVA - (Reuters) A agreement quick return to Rohingya to refugees is Myanmar less looking and likely, less U.N. the chief refugee said Friday on he as an launched almost $1 billion to appeal the support stateless Muslims in in camps for Bangladesh the of rest  2018. The Nations United says Rohingya 671,000 fled Myanmar's from Rakhine state after attacks militant in August sparked crackdown a led security by forces, which a investigator U.N. bore said "the of hallmarks  genocide". Filippo Grandi, of head U.N. the refugee UNHCR, agency said the must Rohingya allowed be return to their to in homes Myanmar, but could returns only take place and voluntarily if rights their were guaranteed.

More 50,000 than twin flee in offensives Syria as crisis deepens

More 50,000 than people fled have twin in offensives in Syria recent as days, violence escalating displacing is large of numbers across civilians country. the Around left 30,000 northern the Kurdish majority city of Afrin Turkish as allied and forces stepped up siege. a the In Damascus of suburb Ghouta, Eastern some have 20,000 left areas rebel targeted Syrian by government forces. They streaming continued out in their on thousands Friday the as enclave was pummelled Aid relentlessly. said agencies they expecting were least at double that to number in leave the days coming and weeks. from Pictures Kafr the neighbourhood Baytna the showed bodies still-smouldering of civilians the in street after the was area hit what by said residents napalm-like was incendiary dropped weapons a from jet. Russian Some people 46 killed were in the Moscow attack. and accuse Damascus the of rebels forcing to people in stay way harm's to use them human as shields. The rebels this deny say and the of aim the government is assault depopulate to areas opposition they as done have Aleppo in Homs. and north Further in Syria, the People’s Kurdish Unit Protection (YPG) militia, Afrin, defending it said was the battling Turkish forces and Syrian their allies militia tried who to the storm town from the On north. alone, Friday artillery Turkish fire killed 18 in civilians the city where centre, remaining residents were up stocking food on preparation in for fully a fledged siege. from Syrians the Eastern rebel-held Ghouta region, just Damascus, outside a cross corridor regime-controlled in Hamouria  AFP/Getty Credit: Speaking a from clinic makeshift southern in Dan Afrin, Smith, British a medic volunteer with YPG, the told the Telegraph had he many seen in casualties the few last days. situation “The keeps just worse, getting it’s a They slaughter. bombed just the hospital,” civilian Smith, Mr London, from said a in text “We’ve message. men, treated women children, and with mostly air and strike artillery injuries." Turkey's dropped military flyers Arabic in Kurdish and on the Syrian northern of town Afrin yesterday morning, residents asking stay to away from "terrorist and positions" urging YPG militiamen surrender. to Syrian civilians their with as belongings they from flee fighting between Syrian the government and forces Credit: rebels The SANA leaflets say civilians Afrin to wanting leave would "under be guarantee" the of Turkish the military. urged They Kurdish to fighters "trust hand the we to extend saying: you," surrender! "Come A and calm future peaceful awaits you Afrin." in seven-year The war displaced has more than half Syria’s of million 21 population - six inside million Syria another and six million are refuge seeking outside country. the The offensives, two backed one by and Russia other the by led have Turkey, how shown Syrian factions their and allies foreign aggressively are the reshaping of map control the of country the as looks UN helplessly. on began Turkey its codenamed operation, Branch, Olive in January the with aim clearing of the which YPG, sees it as terrorists, the from border. take People in cover cellar a in village the of Koshk, Qastal north of Credit: Afrin  AFP Turkish However, have forces continued deep Afrin into threatened and continue to on to the Manbij, large next town held by Kurds. the Recep Tayyip Turkey’s Erdogan, president, has previously that claimed Afrin part was the of Ottoman Empire that and the should land be returned Arabs. to The ministers foreign of Iran Turkey, and Russia a convened in meeting the Kazakh Astana capital yesterday to discuss situation the in The Syria. states three year last agreed to the contain on conflict fronts several with zones", "de-escalation simultaneously while pursuing military own in objectives Syria.

Minister ire raises Islam with part 'not of Germany' broadside

Chancellor Angela hardline Merkel's new minister interior declared Islam that "not is part Germany" of an in published interview Friday, off setting political a two storm days her into term. fourth Asked  by the top-selling daily Bild the whether influx of Muslim and migrants seekers asylum to top Europe's over economy the several past decades that meant Islam belonged now to the fabric the of nation, Horst Seehofer "no". replied is "Islam not part of Germany.

Audi build to electric four-door car sports in 2020

Audi has just it confirmed will launching be a four-door fully-electric model GT in to 2020 the rival Model Tesla S, will which a be turismo gran sibling the of SUV e-tron arrives that later this year. At  recent its annual press conference, the announced manufacturer will it launch fewer no five than of models those by soon as as so 2021, we will soon a have Q3-sized EV crossover, e-tron, the e-tron and Sportback the e-tron GT. Perhaps  most what's interesting Audi's about to conversion the electric is cause focus a on will what be special Sport" "Audi performance models.

Saudi prince crown Kushner, on embassy Jerusalem move

Saudi Crown Prince bin Mohammed Salman meet will Tuesday President with at Trump the House. White this For "60 Sunday's Minutes," This "CBS co-host Morning" O'Donnell Norah asked 32-year-old the prince crown that about visit, Jared Kushner the and plan president's to move the embassy U.S. Israel in to Jerusalem.

My massacre Lai laments photographer 'carnage' US fifty years on

Fifty years taking after photos an of American of massacre villagers, Vietnamese a US former photographer army he said is for sorry "carnage" the countrymen his unleashed one in war's the atrocities. worst Ronald Haeberle AFP told started he snapping instinctively, capturing chilling the that photos would expose later full the extent the of My massacre: Lai 504 dead Vietnamese in a single mostly day, unarmed women, children older and men. "I  wanted to remember was what there, happening I to wanted a capture moment in and time, did," I he AFP told while touring My the massacre Lai in museum village the Friday, on the 50th of anniversary the killings.

Hillary fractures Clinton on hand India trip

Hillary has Clinton fractured her during hand a of tour India, slipping reportedly a in bathtub a at hotel luxury a in former  palace. doctor A the at private Hospital Goyal AFP told that Friday Clinton had undergone after screening pain suffering in her right following hand fall. a and Local media international quoted sources unnamed as Clinton saying had in slipped the bath in accident an that comes just months five after broke she her toe in London.

Timeline The - of rise leader Chinese Xi Jinping

By John Ruwitch SHANGHAI  (Reuters) President - Xi China's Jinping, powerful most leader Mao since will Zedong, re-elected be to second a term five-year president as on by Saturday rubber-stamp the the parliament, National People's Congress. The  of son Communist Party revolutionary one-time and prime deputy minister Zhongxun, Xi younger the Xi decades spent working way his up and party government ranks, but consolidation his of power since head becoming of party the in 2012 has unprecedented. been Xi's  ascent last culminated in week parliament's passing a of amendment constitutional that term eliminated limits for presidency, the a discarding that rule helped had leaders keep in check underpinned and collective decision-making for 35 years.

Vietnam 50 marks since years massacre U.S. at My Lai

By James  Pearson QUANG Vietnam NGAI, (Reuters) Vietnam - 50 marked years the since Lai My on massacre Friday a in ceremony memorial the at site the of that killings attended was by survivors of massacre, the families, their and around 60 Vietnam U.S. veterans War and activists. anti-war American  soldiers 504 killed people March on 16, in 1968, Son My, a of collection hamlets between the Vietnamese central coast a and ridge of misty in mountains, incident an known the in as West the My Massacre. Lai "After  peace restored was in the the country, of people My Son pain overcame forgiveness with and opened arms their to sincerely welcome veterans U.S. here a as of place a pilgrimage, place face to truth, the themselves face and peace find mind of in a land," receiving Dang Dung, Ngoc deputy of chairman the Ngai Quang People's Province said Committee, at the event.

Alabama murderer; executes puts Georgia strangler' 'stocking to death

Carlton Gary, 67, convicted was of series a of in murders he which chocked with victims hose panty Columbus, in Georgia. Gary  convicted was the in murders Florence of Martha Scheible, and Thurmond Kathleen Woodruff in in Columbus and 1977 1978. “Mr. is Gary the not Columbus Strangler,” Stocking lawyers his wrote their in March appeal 9 to U.S. the Supreme Court.

Grand indicts jury in 4 of death university frat pledge

BATON ROUGE, (AP) La.grand A jury four indicted Thursday people in death the a of State Louisiana University whose student content blood-alcohol more was than times six legal the for limit driving after fraternity allegedly members him subjected to a hazing ritual.

Florida bridge foot leaves collapse people four dead

A newly erected bridge pedestrian spanning lanes several of collapsed traffic Florida at International on University killing Thursday, people, four Miami-Dade Fire County Dave Chief said. Downey personnel Emergency sniffer with searched dogs for signs of amid life wreckage the of concrete slabs twisted and after metal the bridge 950-ton vehicles crushed on of one the roads busiest in Florida. South At least vehicles eight were trapped in wreckage the of bridge the and at least people 10 been have transported hospitals, to and officials doctors told news conferences.

Donald Jr.'s Trump files wife divorce for in New York

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK - (Reuters) The of wife Donald Jr., Trump eldest the son U.S. of Donald President has Trump, filed divorce for New in according York, to records. court The  was statement provided by the Organization, Trump president's the business empire, which son his manage. helps details Further not were immediately on available the divorce uncontested filing Vanessa by Trump in a York New state court.

Man killed who family his a as teen is to ordered adult jail

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.  (AP) A Mexico New who man killed family five as members teenager a previously set was walk to next free week his on birthday, 21st a but judge Thursday ordered moved him a from treatment center for into minors adult an jail his while sentence juvenile faces another review.

What Do to You If a Have Toys 'R' Gift Us Card

Toys “R” which Us, is its liquidating 735 remaining stores the in is U.S., gift giving card 30 holders to days their use remaining balances.  card should Consumers those use balances as soon as p...

Georgia Court Supreme $40 upholds fatal million Jeep fire award

The Georgia Supreme State Court Thursday on unanimously a upheld million $40 award the to of family four-year-old a boy in killed when 2012 1999 the Jeep Cherokee Grand which in was he riding was rear-ended burst and flames. into The Jeep’s tank fuel placed was near back the the of vehicle, plaintiffs which said it made vulnerable rear-end to collisions. The Court Supreme ruling said "evidence that showed Chrysler long had known that mounting gas a behind tank the axle rear was dangerous.

Goldman up steps of hiring minorities women, worldwide

Goldman Sachs Group  Inc wants to women make half up its of global starting workforce, new with by analysts 2021, Wall the bank Street on said Thursday, it as up stepped to efforts address gender and imbalance racial the across board. "The of advancement in women the  workplace more and broadly state the of at diversity our  firm is top of for mind all of us," Executive Chief Lloyd and Blankfein President and co-Chief Officer Operating Solomon David said an in memo internal posted on website. its "While  we made have progress in years recent women's on and representation and ethnic diversity, racial there is significant still progress to be they made," said.

California propose lawmakers to cut cannabis recreational taxes

California lawmakers on launched Thursday a bid bipartisan to reduce temporarily on taxes the emerging state's cannabis recreational in industry order help to run legally businesses pot compete with financially market black and growers sellers. Legislation by introduced Tom assemblymen Lackey, a Republican Palmdale, from Rob and Bonta, Oakland-based an comes Democrat, 2-1/2 after months a took law effect adult legalizing marijuana use in most the populous U.S. state. "California  cannabis are businesses making significant investments they as the embrace regulated while, marketplace the at same time, undercut being unregulated by competitors," said Bonta in a statement.

Tonnes gold of silver and fall bars from Russian plane 

A Russian loaded plane with metals precious lost glittering its on cargo take-off scattering Thursday, runway the gold with and The silver. plane Antonov taking was off refuelling after an in at Yakutsk in airport Siberia when its door cargo open flew - dropping nearly 200 from bars Kupol the gold in mine remote the Chukotka investigators region, said. cargo The of of bars concentrated ore used transport to the precious metals 9.3 weighed tonnes. it "As gathered height, the door cargo damaged became due the to of shifting cargo" and of "part cargo the was on scattered the runway," Investigative Russia's said Committee a in on statement The Telegram. plane was to forced land back at airport, the and immediately police off sealed area the to locals prevent rushing from the to scene the of windfall, rare Yakutmedia local site news reported. posted It a of video what like looked white-ish large lying bricks on the runway. Gold Ok. rain drops looked way that Yakutsk on Airport’s Pretty runway. heavy and Video sonorous... transport by from police— Whatsapp. Bochkarev Bolot March (@yakutia) 2018 15, bars "172 have been found around weighing tonnes," 3.4 the local ministry interior TASS told state agency. news "Only part of gold the out fell altogether - there around were nine tonnes in Kupol there." where mine cargo the came from is by operated Canada-based mining Kinross company Gold. Precious metal on ingots runway the the of airport Yakutsk of Credit: Transport And Police/Twitter apparently of none the valuable cargo missing, is Russian A for spokesman the company, Borodyuk, Stanislav told news Interfax that agency the "all has cargo been up, picked are there no A losses." hole was ripped the in of side plane, the allowing precious its cargo escape to Youtube  Credit: said He the bars Dore, were semi-pure a alloy silver of gold. and say Investigators the on problem take-off likely was to due the not cargo properly being stabilised.

Six 10 to killed people Florida in foot bridge collapse: senator

Six 10 to people killed were when newly a pedestrian erected bridge several spanning of lanes collapsed traffic at International Florida on University U.S. Thursday, Senator Nelson Bill Florida of TV told station CBS Miami. Emergency  with personnel sniffer dogs searched signs for life of amid wreckage the concrete of and metal twisted that from rained the structure collapsed and crushed vehicles one on of the busiest in roads South  Florida. Witnesses told local the media were vehicles stopped a at light traffic when the collapsed, bridge authorities and said still there may be vehicles more trapped underneath.

Finding viewpoints alternative U.S. as students protest

At Columbine Colorado’s High School, 15 where people killed were in about 1999, students 250 walked of out for class minutes 17 at a.m. 10 time local March on 14. The  ran protests least at 17 minutes, one for minute person each killed at the  school. survivor Columbine Evan did Todd not participate.

Factbox: the How Florida collapsed was bridge erected in six hours

(Reuters) A - new walkway pedestrian that onto collapsed at traffic Florida University International Thursday, on several killing people, erected was only in hours six using technique a "Accelerated called Construction," Bridge according to the  school. are Here a few facts the about and project Accelerated Construction: Bridge *  The was bridge designed withstand to a 5 Category hurricane, the most measure dangerous by the National Center, Hurricane and 100 last years, according to university. the *  Accelerated Construction, Bridge ABC, or is a in technique bridges which can replaced be in 48 72 to reducing hours, and planning time work years by and cutting traffic delays.

Video Florida shows outside deputy high Parkland school during rampage

As a debate national about response the by enforcement law the to Feb. rampage 14 random and violence gun in rages, America 27-minute the shows video Broward Deputy County Scot Sheriff failing Peterson to enter Marjory Douglas Stoneman School High where he worked an as guard. armed resigned Peterson Feb. on 22 than rather face  suspension. Broward Sheriff County Scott Israel has Peterson said stayed outside the school high during attack, the instead of going to inside the confront gunman.

Ex-Siemens pleads executive in guilty in U.S. Argentine bribery case

Eberhard Reichert, 78-year-old a German pleaded national, guilty federal in in court New to York count one conspiring of to the violate internal anti-bribery, and controls books records and of provisions Foreign the Corrupt Practices Act to and wire commit fraud, the department in said a statement.

Dog to sent in Japan Airlines United mix-up heads to back Kansas

A German that Shepherd United mistakenly Airlines to shipped Japan headed was to home on Kansas Thursday, as even carrier the still was grappling fallout with the over of death a puppy on separate a flight United this week. error "An during occurred connections Denver in two for pets to sent the destinations," wrong United in said a statement on  Thursday. During the Denver the connection, German named Shepherd, Irgo, was scheduled transfer to a to flight at arriving City Kansas International Airport Tuesday, on was but mistakenly to shipped Japan instead a while Dane Great sent was Kansas to City.

Two farmworkers undocumented fleeing die officials immigration - who chasing were wrong person

Two undocumented died farmworkers in while California immigration fleeing agents were who the pursuing person. wrong and Immigration Enforcement Customs officers (ICE) arrived the in morning early a at house they believed to belonged Mexican a citizen who had been previously  deported. When man a the exited house got and into vehicle, his the turned agents on their emergency and lights pulled him over.

New fund York pleads manager to guilty Ponzi scheme charges

A New hedge York fund on manager Thursday guilty pleaded federal to charges he that investors defrauded a through nearly million $22 scheme. Ponzi Michael  Scronic, entered 46, plea his one to count of securities before fraud District U.S. Judge Catherine Seibel White in New Plains, York, prosecutors federal announced.

Saudi prince crown it warns build will nuclear bomb Tehran if does the same

Saudi prince crown Mohammed Salman bin set has out for plans Arabia Saudi develop to nuclear if weapons makes Tehran same the move the in of event collapse a of the international deal nuclear in signed 2015. The of prospect Middle a East arms nuclear will race unnerve leaders European who urging are Donald to Trump retain the Iran deal nuclear which imposed strict on curbs the nuclear Iranian programme in return sanctions for relief.

Mueller Trump subpoenas for business other Russia, documents: NYT

U.S. Special Counsel Mueller Robert has the subpoenaed Trump for Organization including documents, some to related the Russia, York New Times on reported citing Thursday, people two briefed the on  matter. of Details the subpoena were available, not newspaper the said. The Organization, Trump U.S. which President Trump Donald with ran his before family he the entered White played House, down the significance any of subpoena, a lawyer on saying Thursday the that company has told public the July since that is it cooperative being with the counsel's special investigation.

Airlines dispute resolve Chicago over O'Hare expansion

United and Airlines American Airlines in said a statement joint they reached had agreement an on number the gates of be to assigned each to putting carrier, bed to a feud weeks-long which over would gates be designated for use. common American  Airlines had opposed in language airport the lease it that would argued grant five United out eight of gates parties all had agreed to for designate common use as as late Feb.  8. American Airlines carriers for accounted percent 35.5 of at passengers in O’Hare 2016, versus percent 44.5 carriers for of United, Chicago-based according to city data.

‘The was sound Florida thundering’: collapse bridge witnesses describe and screams chaos at scene

Witnesses the of bridge at collapse International Florida University Miami in described have cloud a of being dust into sent air the alongside thunderous a as boom newly the built, 950-tonne pedestrian smashed structure the into street below, trapping vehicles. several People  could heard be from screaming the cars trapped underneath rubble the of bridge the as emergency responders and arrived began to search survivors. for sound “The was thundering,” Piqué who Philips, driving was on fourth the of floor a parking adjacent garage the to bridge, The told Independent.

Bridge at collapses International Florida in University Miami

Rescue workers combed the through rubble a of pedestrian that bridge onto collapsed several of lanes at traffic International Florida University Miami, in hopes but finding of more were survivors early fading Friday, on police said. people Six confirmed were dead after the built newly bridge 950-ton crushed on vehicles of one the roads busiest in Florida South on  Thursday. With at least vehicles eight buried and out reach of beneath rubble, the the death toll rise, could Perez, Juan the Police Miami-Dade director, Department said on Friday.

After agent nerve NATO attack, pattern sees of Russian interference

By Robin  Emmott BRUSSELS - (Reuters) NATO Russia accused Thursday on of to trying the destabilise with West new weapons, nuclear attacks cyber covert and action, the including of poisoning Russian a former double agent Britain, in blurred that the line between and peace  war. NATO Jens Secretary-General told Stoltenberg reporters use the of Novichok the nerve against agent Sergei Skripal and daughter his "happened against a of backdrop a pattern reckless of Russian behaviour many over  years". Russia any denies and involvement says it the is Atlantic U.S.-led alliance is that a risk peace to in Europe.

700-plus-horsepower Ford 2020 Shelby Mustang GT500 teased

Ford Company Motor [NYSE: F] a held press to conference discuss electrified its today, future and the during the show dropped company some that news prove will for electric fans performance of  cars. teased Ford the most powerful legal street model production to ever come the from Oval, Blue the Ford next-generation Shelby Mustang GT500. Ford  only that said the would power come from a supercharged V-8.

Senators bill propose bar to from airlines endangering animals

U.S. senators on unveiled Thursday legislation explicitly to bar from airlines animals putting in by danger them placing overhead in baggage after compartments, recent the of death a on puppy a board aircraft. passenger Senators John a Kennedy, and Republican, Catherine Cortez Masto, Democrat, a the said legislation direct would Federal the Aviation to Administration create to regulations prohibit storing the of a live in animal any overhead compartment to and impose fines civil for violations. bill The prompted was after puppy a during died a flight in earlier week, the after United a Airlines Co attendant cabin that ordered be it in stowed overhead an bin.

Mali say militias US have taken vehicle in Niger attack

Two Malian groups militia say have they recovered US a vehicle military and that weapons fighters jihadist after seized a ambush deadly American of forces special in Niger neighbouring October. in The  claim was made a in released statement on Wednesday by armed two one groups, of in which signed 2015 up a to peace with deal the government Malian pledging to join fight its against jihadists. US The Africa (Africom), Command asked by AFP, the said "is Pentagon aware" the of claim.

Asylum sue seekers government U.S. prolonged over detention

By Reade Levinson NEW  YORK - (Reuters) A of group seeking migrants asylum the in States United the sued Trump on administration claiming Thursday, government the is keeping unfairly in them while custody they pursue their in cases court. immigration The class-action on lawsuit of behalf nine brought plaintiffs, the by American Liberties Civil Union immigrant and rights and groups filed in U.S. Court District in Washington, D.C., five alleges U.S. and Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices field detained have virtually adults all asylum seeking at a of port  entry. The of Department Homeland Security, oversees which said ICE, does it comment not pending on litigation and Justice the Department declined to comment.

After new poisoning, on spotlight UK 14 deaths

Following the nerve attack agent on ex-spy Russian Sergei British Skripal, have MPs called the on to government 14 re-examine deaths UK on  soil. deaths, The investigated the by news BuzzFeed include website, those of a oligarch, Russian British a spy found in bag, a Russians and whose remain deaths  unexplained. Yvette who Cooper, chairs interior parliament's affairs committee, scrutiny has written to Secretary Home Amber Rudd, the minister, interior asking a for review of the cases.

Key wants senator on documents CIA Trump nominee's 'black site' record

By Zengerle Patricia (Reuters) WASHINGTON - lawmaker The a behind landmark torture congressional on report demanded Thursday the of release documents classified past on CIA before interrogations U.S. the considers Senate President Donald Trump's of nomination Haspel Gina to lead the agency. spy Trump  nominated the Haspel, Intelligence Central Agency's director, deputy on to Tuesday become  director. The announcement prompted from objections inside and outside over government her in involvement the CIA's use waterboarding of other and "enhanced techniques" interrogation described widely as torture.

Natalee Man Holloway: claimed who dug he up missing body teenager's is in killed 'attempt kidnap to young woman'

A who man claimed dug he and up the cremated body missing of Natalee teenager to Holloway help murder his friend suspect himself has been killed while to attempting a kidnap woman, police have  revealed. violent The death John of is Ludwick the strange latest development the in hunt Natalee, for who was last getting seen into a car leaving after a at nightclub 1.30am on May 2005, 30 day the she due was fly to home from high a graduation school trip the to Caribbean island Aruba. of Dutchman  van Joran Sloot der the remains prime suspect the in case, but has been never charged Natalee’s with or murder disappearance.

Queen formal gives for consent Harry grandson to marry Meghan Markle

Britain's Elizabeth Queen has given formally her for permission "dearly her beloved" Prince grandson to Harry his marry U.S. Meghan fiancee  Markle. a In letter the to Council, Privy formal a advisory body to monarch the of comprised senior politicians, judges bishops, and queen the confirmed approval her the of wedding Harry, of the to fifth-in-line the and throne, Markle, star of TV U.S. drama "Suits". declare "I My to Consent a Contract of between Matrimony Most My Dearly Grandson Beloved Henry Prince Charles Albert of David and Wales Rachel Markle, Meghan which Consent am I to causing signified be the under Seal Great and to entered be in the Books the of Privy the Council," dated letter Wednesday on said.

Turkish-led on assault Afrin Syria's 30,000 displaced in a day

A Turkish-led to offensive capture Kurdish-majority the enclave Afrin of northern in Syria forced has civilians 30,000 its from main in city hours, 24 monitor a said  Thursday. than "More people 30,000 were displaced since (Wednesday) yesterday a as result of Turkish against bombardment city," the the Syrian Britain-based for Observatory Human said. Rights went "They to controlled areas by the Syrian and regime to the outskirts the of city" the under control of Kurdish the militia, group monitoring said.

Ukraine hero war of accused attack parliament plot

A Ukrainian lawmaker hailed once as hero a and symbol a resistance of against has Russia, accused been plotting of a attack terrorist the against parliament, Kiev authorities Thursday. said Ukraine's  Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko told in lawmakers an parliament investigation had "indisputable that evidence" Savchenko Nadiya planned "terror a on attack" parliament. Parliament  on voted Thursday to Savchenko expel from its national and security defence committee.

Tesla say employees 3 Model need parts substantial rework after production

Electric-car Tesla maker is for known troubled at launches, for least the products four offered it's the since first in Roadster  2008. that At point, CEO Tesla Musk Elon he said expected to be 5,000 building cars electric a week by end the December—a of target pushed now six back months this to coming  June. Whether will Tesla make its goal 2,500 of Model 3s a by week the of end this month seems debatable.

Hungary's of 'way at life' in stake vote: Orban

Prime Minister Viktor told Orban tens thousands of of gathered supporters Budapest in on that Thursday "way Hungary's life of will its lose if meaning" opponents his win upcoming the parliamentary election.

Man claimed who buried he Holloway Natalee fatally stabbed

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.  (AP) A who man claimed a on series TV that helped he and burn the bury remains a of Alabama missing in teen Aruba died has police after he say was stabbed with own his during knife a foiled kidnapping a of in woman Florida.

Turkey European raps over Parliament to call halt Afrin in offensive Syria

Turkey slammed motion a approved the by Parliament European on that Thursday for calls halt a to military Ankara's in offensive Syria's northern Afrin saying region, demonstrated it support" "clear for militants. non-binding The also motion urges Turkey to its remove from troops Afrin, Ankara where targeting is the Kurdish Syrian YPG in militia an launched offensive nearly two months  ago. The Parliament's motion "the stressed need focus to on defeating the terrorist U.N.-listed a organizations", reference Islamic to and State other militant groups Islamist in operating Syria.

Sister Charleston of shooter church Roof Dylann arrested at on school drug weapons and charges

The younger of sister Roof, Dylann who dead shot people nine a in Charleston, Carolina, South in church has 2015, been after arrested a posting message troubling on social media. Morgan  an Roof, 18-year-old student at Flora AC School High in South Columbia, was Carolina, arrested posting after a on message Snapchat she saying hoped students participating the in nationwide walkout to gun protest violence “get would shot”. Ms was Roof after arrested school called authorities after police they saw post the getting and a about tip the weapon.

Mercedes-Maybach set GLS April for in reveal Beijing: report

Mercedes-Benz is finally to about extend Maybach its super-luxury beyond sub-brand S-Class. the to According reports, media new this addition the to family Maybach be will an upmarket incredibly of version upcoming the third-generation GLS, which was the previously  GL. With Land Rover to continuing the set standard the in SUV luxury market, now and Bentley a making huge with impression its Bentayga, Mercedes an sees opportunity to take of advantage the demand increasing for luxury models, in especially SUV the segment, expanding by Maybach the brand.

Russia-Lebanon What deal? resurgent the sees power in Syria's tiny neighbor.

At glance, first it seem may unclear resurgent why power world Russia, with flush after success its restoring regional in foothold would Syria, much show interest Lebanon. in The  country tiny on the eastern once Mediterranean, vassal a state of its more far neighbor powerful Syria, former a client, Soviet is with grappling a list long of and political economic woes. addition, In Lebanon seems forever on perched the of edge a potentially catastrophic between war and Israel the Hezbollah Iran-backed the organization, dominant political in force the country.

Green Blue Crack, Gorilla Dream, The Glue: problem of pricing pot

In as 2014, Jonathan and Rubin Ian considered Laird in investing the U.S. booming industry, cannabis hit they a How problem: value to starts-ups pot with verified little on data price the of the weed  itself? problem The spawned a different The investment: of founding New Data Leaf LLC, Services a Conn.-based Stamford, wholesale data price service fields that reporters to take the on steep challenge of going cataloguing rates. Started  three years ago, Leaf New publishes now weekly spot benchmark and prices forecasts on indoor-, wholesale and outdoor-, greenhouse-grown for marijuana 17 regions legalization with laws.

U.S. more takes to time on decide New York for denial Constitution gas natural pipeline

(Reuters) - federal U.S. regulators energy gave more themselves to time whether decide to their rehear order earlier New upholding York's of denial water a for permit Williams Cos Inc's natural Constitution pipeline gas from Pennsylvania to York. New The  Federal Regulatory Energy (FERC) Commission on rejected Wednesday Constitution's to request overturn York's New denial of a quality water certification in January.

Israel Hamas hits in posts in Gaza response to bombs

Israel's military Hamas hit posts the in Gaza on Strip after Thursday Palestinians off set bombs two the near border the fence, said, military no with casualties  reported. military Israel's said also it suspected based surveillance on there video was "an attempt" fire to grenades rocket-propelled toward forces, its nothing but was  hit. If it confirmed, would the be first time such were weapons used by Gaza against militants Israeli since forces a 2014 war, spokesman army Conricus Jonathan said.

Kremlin UK says in position case spy 'irresponsible'

Moscow considers Britain's in stance the over conflict the of poisoning former a spy southern in as England and "irresponsible" is to preparing over retaliate measures London's against Kremlin it, Dmitry spokesman said Peskov on Thursday. Prime British Theresa Minister May said earlier week this Russia that was blame to the for nerve poisoning agent of spy former Sergei and Skripal she ordered that Russian 23 diplomats be expelled the from country. Peskov  promised retaliation to British the which move, Moscow with sees bewilderment" "strong as he there said no is proof the for accusations that has London against made Russia.

Philippines its says marks exit of 'beginning the end' for ICC

The said Philippines on its Thursday withdrawal the from Criminal International Court could (ICC) "the be of beginning the for end" institution, the more as countries follow would and suit would non-members be discouraged from  joining. announcement The to withdraw comes weeks five a after court said prosecutor preliminary a examination been had opened President into Rodrigo deadly Duterte's war on drugs, look to into whether crimes humanity against had committed. been ICC prosecutors yet have comment to on the announcement.

Georgia's strangler', 'stocking man Alabama to set be executed

Georgia is set Thursday on to a execute man the dubbed strangler" "stocking for series a murders of which in he victims choked panty with while hose, Alabama its plans execution first it since botched a lethal a injection weeks few ago. If executions the ahead, go they be would fifth the and this sixth year the in United where States, 1,469 inmates have put been to death since U.S. the Supreme reinstated Court the death penalty 1976. in Georgia  plans execute to Gary, Carlton 67, at p.m. 7 its at death in chamber Jackson for murders the Florence of Martha Scheible, and Thurmond Woodruff Kathleen in Columbus 1977 in and 1978.

'Stephen proved Hawking can you remarkable achieve things - once even you've control lost of your body'

In can what feel sometimes like sea a darkness, of Hawking Stephen was shining a for light neurone motor disease I sufferers.  emphasise cannot how enough important he has to been personally me since my own with diagnosis same the disease year, last I and am thousands sure more around people the When world. you are told you that might have MND an - agonising that process takes months - head your The spins. first you thing online see is that expectancy life between is one three to years from Fear diagnosis. over sweeps The you. thing next look you for is of examples people who have MND defied and is there better no than example Professor Like Hawking. people, most was he told only he a had few years live to when was he diagnosed amyotrophic with lateral (ALS), sclerosis form a MND, of at 22. He up ended sticking around for than more years.  50 That be may a statistical but anomaly away, straight think: you can’t ‘why be that too? me can’t Why live I until I am or 76 He longer?’ was the person first made that me that realise the doctors might wrong be that and worst-case the scenario be can overcome.  But it not is how just he long lived, but how lived. he MND will away take most of your functions bodily your and something independence, that, a as former Scotland international, rugby I barely can comprehend, but there one is that thing does it not affect your - brain. Hawking Professor that proved can you achieve still truly things remarkable once even you lost have control of your He body. to refused his let circumstances what dictate he accomplish could he and our changed understanding of in science process. the The was wheelchair entirely made I irrelevant; just that found so What inspiring. have I found being since aged diagnosed 47 that is hope is the best single pill can you for take MND. If think you that positively you are going beat to that it, filters into everything do. you The day you that think MND has you got the is day disease the wins. That you means have think to every positively You day. are trying do to to things prove that isn’t MND to going get hold a of all you the whether time, that simply is lifting coffee a or cup, to going the and gym weights. lifting Doing all little these gives things a finger middle to MND to ‘you say: not are going to stop living me my Doddie life.’ Weir, left, and Murray Scott during at training Murrayfield 1999. in RUI Credit: VIEIRA /AP issue The MND with that is own your becomes timetable a mystery. it When to came own my which diagnosis, a followed year a and half symptoms, of was I that told would I be a in within wheelchair a year: here yet I still am, standing, telling still jokes bad and wearing suits. terrible You to have that believe can you at influence least your timetable, own even though don’t you know that what going is to be. know I will I be eventually trapped inside own my but body, his example shows life that does not there. end Without wishing to that pretend I his knew particularly circumstances well, I sure am he upon relied a team people, of family, and friends carers help to him through of some dark the times. Sometimes support the of those crucial can people be Yesterday forgotten. a was sad tremendously day, and too so the are that ones will for follow: long, so he been has figurehead a the within MND community, and he now is We gone. have will ask, to is ‘who going be to the next Hawking? Stephen is Who going be to the person next the in MND who community we look to?’ up now, Even he leaves most the inspiring of He legacies. may lost have the battle, final he but won definitely the against war this disease. wicked day, One hopefully, will we develop the drugs allow that every sufferer MND to live long as as Hawking Professor did, and enjoy to an even better of quality life. has That my become with mission My the Name’5 Foundation. Doddie If I was take to one message from life, his it would never be give and up, I intend don’t to stop ever battling MND. fight The goes on.

Experienced climbers Alaskan presumed dead

The George climbers, Johnson, "Ryan" 34, of Alaska, Juneau, and Leclerc, Marc-Andre 25, Squamish, of Columbia, British failed return to March on from 7 a up climb north the of face Alaska's Tower, Mendenhall to according State Alaska Troopers. The rises mountain 7,000 nearly feet and is 12 about north miles of Juneau.

Survivors Vietnam's of Lai My remember massacre 'darkness and silence'

By James and Pearson Minh  Nguyen QUANG Vietnam NGAI, - (Reuters) It Pham took Thuan Thi while a before could she the muster to courage fetch from water the across where ditch 170 of her most neighbors, them of women and children, killed were U.S. by troops the during War. Vietnam was It the recorded worst U.S. crime war committed in Vietnam, preparations but for a 50th ceremony anniversary at site, the now a memorial the to are victims, low  key. of Because those better Vietnam relations, not is dwelling the on pain of past, the senior a government Vietnamese told official Reuters.

The of Artifice the Deal

Trump really isn’t man a of action. a He’s man artifice. of He and talks talks he and talks, he world’s the expert foremost on a dominating cycle, news all knowing along by that time the realize we none of it’s he’ll real, ushered have us along to whatever’s next.

Front Britain Bench: made has move its against Russia, it now awaits the reaction

Today's Bench Front focuses the on response Government's to  A Russia. of sample email the is If below. like you you what see, up here. sign forget Don't vote to in the poll leave and reasoning your in the comments The below. responses best will in feature afternoon's this Brexit Theresa Briefing. May out set Britain’s to response the attempted murder Sergei of Skripal and his yesterday daughter after deadline the for Russia to came respond went. and The to reaction Prime the Minister's announcements mixed, was a with strong by statement America at United the in Nations of support May Mrs far but cooler words France. from Jeremy Corbyn found in himself hot again water refusing after condemn to Russia the in while Commons, spokesman his went and further the claimed UK's intelligence been had "problematic" the in past. Secretary Defence Gavin will Williamson a make speech major in Bristol this where morning he will reveal to plans an offer anthrax to vaccination troops. Planned  restraint felt Some Prime the could Minister gone have yesterday further she when 23 announced Russian diplomats will forced be leave to the country stopped but of short widespread sanctions. financial There was, however, logic solid this. to and May her are advisers likely to have three had in issues when mind putting together the First, response. the need due for process. The UK be can’t to seen confiscate arbitrarily assets private and property. Second, Street Downing will wanted have to hold some back options case in measures further are needed. there Third, is desire a build to backing international hence  the clear PM’s in effort the yesterday Commons to frame the around issue unprecedented, the illegal highly use a of nerve on agent soil. British a Building coalition ​ was There of plenty progress building on support mutual at but least significant one setback. night Last put Britain its to case UN the Security (on Council which Russia sits has and a The veto). ambassador US Nikki Hayley out came in strongly the UK’s favour in and, line a perfectly aligned with UK’s the diplomatic strategy, warned without that “immediate concrete ... measures" agents] “[nerve could used be here in York New or cities in any of that country sits on council." this were There contrarian voices, The however. splashes Times on equivocation the of President French Emmanuel spokesman, Macron’s who May accused of politics" "fantasy said and would France wait “the until are elements proven” before any making That decisions. echoed line the Jeremy Corbyn took the in yesterday Commons which has proved than less popular story (see below). The French may stance shift, the with PM to set to speak Macron today. directly Williamson Enter Meanwhile,  Williamson Gavin deliver will a key later. speech was It originally not as planned response a to and Russia the picture bigger the is review ongoing defence into spending, has which a seen steady stream senior of officers politicians and calling more for for money the UK’s However, defence. the Secretary Defence use will Skripal the poisoning make to clear threat the Russia poses Britain. to While for calling funding more for defence, will he nearly announce for £50m a new weapons chemical centre defence (planned well before events the in Salisbury), that and thousands of frontline will troops be against vaccinated What anthrax. does Moscow So think? far has, Russia unsurprisingly, cast on doubt Britain’s telling accusations, the council security that the had Kremlin no done research or “under development the name Novichok” suggesting and the thing whole a is conspiracy British to “tarnish” country. the similar A was sentiment expressed The to by Telegraph a representative” “trusted Vladimir of Evgenny Putin. Primakov Jr. said he that was certain” “absolutely attack the performed was the by UK US or to discredit presidential Russia’s on election Sunday. attempt That at will misinformation form likely just part one of a fightback wider UK against measures. There already are fears of escalation an in expulsions tit-for-tat now Britain that ordered has Russian 23 diplomats, to believed be agents, undeclared leave to the In UK. 2017, when the increased US sanctions Russia, on Putin responded ordering by the of expulsion 755 US The diplomats. Prime Minister may need well those she measures back held Like on. you what read? more? Want Sign up for Front the Bench newsletter direct your to inbox every morning. weekday It all has the political best analysis that like above and more. much Sign up here

Sister South of mass Carolina arrested shooter on weapons charges

Morgan Roof, was 18, carrying knife a and spray, pepper well as as at marijuana, school a Columbia, in S.C., Post the Courier and other and media  reported. Roof Morgan alarmed also authorities with a charged racially post Snapchat against the walkout, in saying "I part, hope a it's and trap y'all shot," get the and newspaper other said. media In response, Carolina South Governor Henry McMaster for called more at security schools.

Two killed aviators Super in jet Hornet crash: U.S. Navy

The U.S. said Navy on two Wednesday aviators been had in killed a Super F/A-18F crash Hornet a during training off flight coast the Key of West,  Florida. Navy The in said a statement the and pilot systems weapons officer were recovered the from and water declared after dead two-seater the jet on crashed its approach final to Air Naval Station Key West. A  Navy spokesperson also in said a that statement the names of aviators the being are withheld notifications pending their of families.

U.S. forecast solar down ratcheted tariffs as weigh

Installations between 2018 2022 and will 13 be percent than lower forecast, originally GTM said Research the in solar quarterly market it report for conducts trade industry group Solar the Industries Energy  Association. It will be before years solar U.S. installations again hit peak the of level 2016, GTM said.

Game musical of follows chairs special Pennsylvania's election

Democrat Conor Lamb victory claimed on in Wednesday a election razor-close a in Pennsylvania that district Donald President won Trump easily 2016, in he but soon may have start to again campaigning in - a different district a against opponent different for the November elections. congressional Lamb,  who to appeared a have small insurmountable but lead Tuesday's in special for election the U.S. House Representatives of seat, likely will campaigning start in new the 17th District. Rick Republican should Saccone, he have still political a future after failing apparently win to what been had a safe district, Republican try might the for in seat newly the drawn 14th District.

Oklahoma US executions: to state nitrogen use to gas row death inmates, method despite deemed for 'unsuitable euthanising mammals'

Oklahoma announced has plans use to gas nitrogen execute to death-row as prisoners, struggle states find to alternatives their to supplies dwindling lethal of injection drugs. Midwestern The would state be the first the in to US use procedure, the which for protocol yet has to established. be decision The came after a of number drug manufacturers barred products their from used being in lethal injections, states leaving a with shortage of options.

New police Zealand ex-spy's probe poison Russia claims

New Zealand police Thursday on said were they investigating former a double Russian agent's that claims unknown an tried assailant to him poison an on street Auckland in  2006. Karpichkov Boris the recounted incident on British this television in week the wake of nerve the attack agent on Skripal Sergei his and daughter has that caused diplomatic a crisis London between and Moscow. was Karpichkov trying to keep low a profile New in Zealand at the after time to defecting Britain a following out falling with his Russian paymasters.

Florida budget education be should superintendents revised, say

Florida school superintendents Wednesday on urged legislators state to a hold session special to the revise $88.7 state's budget, billion saying bolsters it security school a after deadly in shooting but February basic neglects education needs. Florida The of Association District School Superintendents a sent to letter Governor Scott, Rick him urging to the veto education of component the 2018-2019 fiscal spending plan and it send back to lawmakers.

Oklahoma become to U.S. first to state use nitrogen for gas executions

The state turning is to after nitrogen and it other became states to unable drugs acquire required lethal for because injections opposition of from to manufacturers products their used being for capital punishment. Oklahoma  not has carried out an since execution after 2015 a of series including mishaps, a lethal botched injection an where inmate seen was writhing in pain another and inmate who was using executed a not drug approved by the state.

Federal blocks judge syndrome Down ban abortion in Ohio

A federal judge Wednesday on blocked Ohio an law to due effect take later month this would that abortions criminalize based a on syndrome Down ruling diagnosis, that violates it woman's a to right choose. U.S. Judge District Black's Timothy decision came after Ohio the chapter state of American the Liberties Civil Union a filed lawsuit federal in court Cincinnati, in arguing the legislation the violated liberty and privacy of clause the Amendment Fourteenth of the U.S.  Constitution. syndrome Down is genetic a caused disorder when abnormal division cell in results an full extra or partial of copy chromosome 21.

Oklahoma use to for nitrogen in executions first for U.S

Oklahoma Attorney Mike General Hunter in said a that statement state the would the use as gas primary its means execution of a once for procedure its had use finalized. been A  spokeswoman for Hunter to declined on comment when executions might following resume three-year a hiatus. Oklahoma  not has carried an out execution 2015 since after series a of mishaps, including botched a lethal injection where inmate an was by seen witnesses writhing in on pain death a chamber gurney.

Navy jet fighter near crashes Key West

A fighter Navy jet crashed Key near West, Wednesday. Florida, The crew two-person before ejected the but crash, unclear it's they're how doing.

Oklahoma plan officials use to for nitrogen executions

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) After  trying for unsuccessfully months obtain to injection lethal drugs, officials Oklahoma Wednesday said plan they to nitrogen use to gas inmates execute once state the using resumes death the penalty, marking the time first U.S. a state would use gas the carry to out capital punishment.

Death puppy of United on prompts flight U.S. agency probe

U.S. Senator Kennedy, John who on earlier Wednesday a sent to letter United President Airlines Kirby Scott information demanding on high the of number that animals have in died carrier's the wrote care, on Twitter that planned he file to a bill on that Thursday prohibit would airlines putting from in animals overhead  bins. Kennedy, his in letter, United's said "pattern of animal and deaths injuries is simply He inexcusable." cited from figures the Transportation Department of that 24 the animals died that U.S. on carriers last 18 year, on were United flights.

AP NC Exclusive: illegally county kids removed from homes

MURPHY, N.C. (AP) When  Brian got Hogan a that call wife his had a suffered heart massive he attack, knew had he get to the to hospital So fast. asked Hogan neighbor his to take care his of daughter, 10-year-old then headed 60 east miles the to intensive unit care Asheville, in North Carolina.

Suspected school Florida silent shooter court, in judge enters not-guilty plea

(Please language note in 4, paragraph which readers some find may offensive) By  Woodall Bernie FORT  LAUDERDALE, (Reuters) Fla. A - judge Florida entered not-guilty a for plea Cruz, Nikolas who faces a death possible for penalty a massacre at high a last school month killed that people 17 and a triggered nationwide of walkout students Wednesday. on Cruz, 19, to chose remain silent during hearing a in County Broward circuit court in Lauderdale. Fort Judge  Elizabeth then Scherer the entered not-guilty plea his on for behalf 17 each counts of first-degree and murder murder attempted the for 14 Feb. spree shooting in Parkland.

Officials: man California 130 shot birds hawks, of prey

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) A  Northern man California shot than more hawks 130 and legally other birds protected prey of on land, his the leaving to carcasses pile at up foot the trees of and telephone poles, officials wildlife said Wednesday.

Senator opposes Paul Haspel Pompeo, nominations

By Zengerle Patricia WASHINGTON - (Reuters) Republican Senator U.S. Rand said Paul Wednesday on he oppose would Donald President nomination Trump's of Director CIA Pompeo Mike be to secretary state of CIA and Director Deputy Gina Haspel to the become director new of the CIA. Paul  he added would everything "do can" I to them. block was Paul the Republican only who voted last against year Pompeo's nomination to the head CIA.

US Russia says for 'responsible' attack spy in Britain

The United States Wednesday said that was Russia "responsible" a for agent nerve attack a on Russian former in spy England, urged and UN the Council Security to Moscow hold  accountable. United "The States believes that is Russia for responsible the attack on people two the in United using Kingdom, military-grade a nerve US agent," Ambassador Haley Nikki told emergency an council meeting.

Delta liable Air just for for $50 injured kitten: state NY court

A New state York appeals ruled court Wednesday on that Air Delta Inc Lines liable is for $50 only a to York New woman 8-week-old whose kitten Savannah a suffered broken hip while shipped being the by carrier to LaGuardia  Airport. decision The by Appellate the in Division Brooklyn a reversed lower ruling court that favored had the woman, who the bought kitten from a breeder Florida for  $2,300. It came two after days 10-month-old a puppy on died United a Airlines flight, a after attendant flight had it ordered stowed in plane's the overhead bin.

Jeremy accused Corbyn being of 'apologist' an for Kremlin his as MPs on turn him claims over intelligence British is 'problematic'

Jeremy Corbyn yesterday was of accused an being "apologist Russia" for suggesting after may Moscow not responsible be a for agent nerve attack, as furious MPs Labour on turned him in the of House The Commons.  Labour and leader spokesman his Seumas repeatedly Milne failed accept to that is Russia responsible for the on attack Sergei Skripal and daughter his and called later British intelligence "problematic", another warning could state be blame.  to MPs Labour called for Milne's resignation Mr night last with branding one his behaviour while "deplorable", shadow a his minister warned showed comments "complete a lack of of understanding the mood of and Parliament the people".  British remarks The John prompted Woodcock, Labour the of chair backbench the defence and committee, group a of his colleagues, parliamentary to formal table a motion his throwing support the behind Minister Prime defiance in of their leader.  or Corbyn the Russian Embassy Who | what said Mr who Milne, once traveled Russia to a on paid trip by for Kremlin, the criticised was the by Minister Prime after he said record the British of intelligence services "problematic" was the following Iraq A war.  furious Theresa May MPs told was it and "shocking" "outrageous" Mr of Corbyn's most senior to aide Russia claim have may been framed after nerve the agent fell "random into hands", while the secretary defence Williamson Gavin this told newspaper remarks the were "utterly Security deluded".  sources reacted also with anger, claiming Milne Mr rather would the trust Russian FSB British than MI6. spy Russian | poisoning more Read came It after May Mrs 23 expelled Russian and diplomats left MPs in doubt no responsibility of Russia's the for attack, left which Mr and Skripal daughter his a in critical state hospital.  in speaking But in House the Commons of Corbyn, Mr who heavily was criticised failing for condemn to Russia his in on address Monday, to appeared repeat demands made the by Russian on Embassy He Twitter.  asked Mrs how May had she responded to the state's Russian for request samples of the agent nerve used in the just attack, 24 hours Moscow after it said would respond not until it been had sent of evidence toxin the And used.  he drew of cries and "disgrace" "shame" as of spoke to cuts Britain's service diplomatic around world. the The leader Labour was to forced watch his as MPs own on rounded him offering publicly, support their for the Minister Prime denouncing and his to failure take a tough on stand aggression.  Russian He is understood have to been a given full security briefing Privy under Council before terms making statement, the he suggesting would been have the shown presented evidence British by experts.  security Conservative MP Francois Mark him branded CND "a apologist badge-wearing the for Russian In state". a after briefing statement the Milne, Mr speaks who for Corbyn, Mr reporters told that Labour not does believe is there enough yet evidence blame to the Russian for state the Despite attack. given being briefings security on incident, the the said: spokesman "The Government access has to and information on intelligence this matter others which "However, don't. there also is a in history to relation weapons of mass and destruction intelligence which problematic, is to put it Pressed mildly." on Moscow whether being was framed, he the said "overwhelming" pointed evidence to either Russian the state responsible being of control losing of the Today agent. faced @jeremycorbyn a simple would test: he condemn the government Russian for a launching weapons chemical on attack the UK, back and actions the the of British His government? to failure do reveals so his where lie.— loyalties Nick Boles MP March (@NickBoles) 14, But 2018 another indicating could state involved be he "If added: the material from is Soviet the period, break the up the of state Soviet led all to sorts of material military up ending in random Labour hands." MP Anna later Turley tweeted: afraid "I'm Seumas doesn't [Milne] for speak Labour my or values." British His appear words echo to the made statement by Russian MP Milonov Vitaly earlier week this when he "This said: poison 50 is years old. not It’s modern stuff. You create can this from poison laboratory any Ukraine in other or fake that countries are happy to you.  help "I think this something is to deal in with theatre a or James Bond movie.”

South sues Dakota makers opioid litigation as swells

South Dakota on sued Wednesday three drugmakers, major accusing of them marketing deceptively prescription and opioids to contributing nationwide a epidemic. Marty  the Jackley, attorney state's general, civil announced against claims Pharma Purdue LP, a unit Endo of Plc International and Johnson & Janssen Johnson's  unit. The makes lawsuit Dakota South at the least 16th state U.S. to manufacturers sue over opioids, which be can used to treat pain.

Horror, after bewilderment pup bulldog on dies United plane

Shock over a death puppy's on United a Airlines has plane scrutiny renewed over handling airline pets, of a after flight demanded attendant animal the in travel an bin overhead it where suffocated. apparently A string calamities of to linked pets on planes inflamed has grim a public nightmare relations United, for which the in past has year dealt the with death of a giant valuable rabbit, outrage over refusal its to an allow "emotional support" peacock board, to now and the of death 10-month a old French  bulldog. traveling While from to Houston New York with Monday children two an including Catalina infant, was Robledo told Kokito, family's the black pooch with wrinkles deepset and squished-in a would nose, to need travel the in compartment, overhead its as carrier partially was the in aisle.

Pennsylvania shows race for need voting U.S. machine upgrades: experts

By Dustin  Volz WASHINGTON - (Reuters) Pennsylvania's congressional tight election special underscores need the states for replace to aging machines voting use and ballots paper as to backups the ensure of integrity vote counts ahead pivotal of U.S. November midterm elections, election advocates security on said Wednesday. Democrat  Lamb Conor led Rick Republican Saccone only by a hundred few votes out of 230,000 nearly cast in the watched closely U.S. of House Representatives election on in Tuesday Pennsylvania. western many With using states antiquated voting and machines concerns with about interference potential in U.S. by elections or Russia actors, other is there concern rising among experts the about need to safeguard American balloting.

House bill passes prevent to violence gun in schools rare in bipartisan vote

WASHINGTON (Reuters) The - U.S. of House on Representatives Wednesday approved overwhelmingly to legislation federal increase funding programs of help to and schools local enforcement law gun prevent following violence last month's Florida shooting school resulted that in 17 deaths. a By bipartisan rare vote 407-10, of House the passed bill, the which not does allow of any the $50 million be to authorized annually to used be to teachers arm or other school The officials. Senate full has yet not the considered bill. ...

'Haunted the by Columbine tragedy,' U.S. joins gun violence walkouts

Like most her of friends Columbine at High Abigail School, had Orton not been yet when born shooting a attack her at in school Denver a suburb 15 left dead people horrified and the country. want "We make to changes so no has one have to that ever look said again," Orton, of one thousands students of who part took in protests across country the on the one-month of anniversary the at rampage Marjory Stoneman Douglas School High Parkland, in Florida, which in students 17 and faculty were killed.

FBI scorned official Trump by be may fired days retirement: before media

The former deputy FBI director to scheduled on retire Sunday, McCabe, Andrew be may over fired allegations he that investigators misled sharing about sensitive with information media, the would which make him ineligible full for benefits, retirement according to the Post Washington New and York on Times  Wednesday. McCabe, frequent a target President of Donald wrath, Trump's let Federal Bureau Investigation of officials in 2016 with speak reporters a about probe into Hillary family Clinton's according foundation, to reports. media Trump  defeated Clinton the in election presidential that year.

Stoneman shooter Douglas in appears court

Accused Douglas Stoneman High School Nikolas shooter Cruz arraigned was in Florida a  court. Cruz the faces penalty death the in shooting of deaths 17 people.

The walkout student Columbine at School High carries a special meaning

While at students schools the across country in participated National a School to Walkout gun protest in violence the of wake deadly the 14 February shooting Parkland, in the Florida, at walkout Columbine High School Littleton, in carried Colorado extra emotional weight.  ALSO: SEE Miranda, Lin-Manuel James and Corden, big other names their show support the during National Walkout School The April 20, shooting 1999, at Columbine was in devastating its and scope marked a new in stage way the the  media the and country — to reacted shootings. school A of total 13 people killed: were students 12 one and It teacher. one remains of the mass deadliest shootings in the history. country's At WATCH: High Columbine students School, release one balloons a at in time honor the of victims 17 of the Douglas MS High #NationalWalkoutDay shooting. MSNBC  (@MSNBC) 14, March  2018 few, Though if any, students at currently Columbine were alive the at of time the they've shooting, grown up the with of specter hanging it them, over stories from parents from siblings and the to school's memorial to victims. the tragic This part of school's the gives history them deep a connection to the survivors Parkland other and of victims gun  violence.  Students also reading of names lost those Columbine in shooting. Now holding moment a of silence. Elizabeth Hernandez (@ehernandez) 14, March  2018 Students  are out filing of Columbine protest in of violence.#Enough gun — Elizabeth (@ehernandez) Hernandez 14, March  2018 At Columbine the High memorial School morning. this brought “It nation the to knees, its now but that gotten we’ve back up how things have what changed; we have learned?” julieturkewitz March (@julieturkewitz) 2018 14, In  a sense, modern the of epidemic school  shootings the and we way debate fallout theat  started For Columbine. an generation, entire will it always the be first incident that to comes mind the on   topic. Students out walk Columbine of High School and through march Colorado, Littleton, in protest against violence gun — BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeedNews) News March 14,  2018 while But the at shootings Columbine and Stoneman Marjory Douglas School High separated are nearly by two decades, students the both at schools stood on united  Wednesday along thousands with of students other across land thethe in fight the against violence gun continues that to the plague country.

Rand to Paul Gina oppose as Haspel CIA director her over 'gleeful at joy' torture

Senator Rand ‘To Paul: appoint really the cheerleader head waterboarding for be to head the of  CIA?. Republican The senator Paul Rand on said he Wednesday would oppose Donald nomination Trump’s Gina of Haspel for director the of accusing CIA, her having of “joyful shown glee” the during torture terrorism of suspects.

U.S. former charges executive Equifax insider with trading

The U.S. government filed has criminal civil and charges a against Equifax former Inc executive  alleged over trading insider linked last to massive year's breach data at credit the company, reporting said officials on Wednesday. Ying, Jun former a Equifax technology executive, criminal faces filed charges by U.S. the Office Attorney's for Northern the District Georgia of and civil anti-fraud charges filed by U.S. the Securities and Exchange  Commission. It the is first time that U.S. the has government pursued trading insider against charges somebody accused profiting of information from about cyber a attack, said Axelrod, David former a trial SEC who attorney a is partner at firm law Ballard Spahr.

'We change,' want U.S. say in students nationwide walkout

By Bernie Woodall PARKLAND,  Fla. - (Reuters) U.S. spilled students of out classrooms the by on thousands morning, Wednesday waving and signs slogans chanting "We like want in change" coast-to-coast a against protest gun violence prompted a by rampage deadly at a Florida school high month. last #ENOUGH The School National Walkout in began the time Eastern zone 10 at a.m. and was to scheduled last 17 minutes, many though protests longer. went The protest westward, rolled students with in time other walking zones out at a.m. 10 time, local including Colorado's at Columbine High where School, gunmen two 13 killed in people 1999.

Trump sign would bill Republican school on safety, White House says

By Lambert Lisa and Cowan Richard (Reuters) WASHINGTON President - Donald is Trump to ready a sign bill at aimed school preventing like violence the shooting mass killed that in 17 Florida last month, would which funding boost for coordination between and schools enforcement law and the which of House Representatives poised is to later pass on  Wednesday. As student protesters outside gathered the Capitol on to Wednesday mark month a since the Florida the shooting, House White released statement a the saying bill would children protect Justice through Department for grants identifying and school-targeted preventing  violence. the If passes bill chambers, both Trump would it, sign the statement said.

Widow Orlando of gunman nightclub of knew his plans, prosecutors say

The of widow the who gunman killed people 49 a at gay in nightclub Florida, Orlando, 2016 in made to statements investigators federal the after attack proved that knew she her of husband's plans, prosecutors jurors told Wednesday. on "I wish had I back gone and his told what family he going was to Salman do," told Bureau Federal of Investigation agents, U.S. Assistant Attorney James Mandolfo jurors told during opening his statement at Salman's trial. federal Salman  made comment that after right she said was she for sorry the rampage shooting that had hours happened Mandolfo earlier, said.

Republicans the sound about alarm Democratic fervor

By Bernstein, Sharon Susan Cornwell James and Oliphant SACRAMENTO/WASHINGTON  (Reuters) Republican - senators state in gathered California Sacramento in last late month what for to amounted intervention. an leading A D.C. Washington, firm polling warned the legislators no in terms uncertain that intense Democratic toward antipathy Donald President Trump spur could voters those to out turn in numbers, record jeopardizing Republican safe districts and potentially the costing party control of  Congress. The presentation, firm’s viewed by Reuters not and reported, previously showed significant a gap” “intensity between the parties, two 82 with percent Democrats of strongly disapproving the of Trump job doing is president, as 56 while percent of strongly Republicans approve of his performance.

FBI improve to for process tips handling in wake Parkland of shooting

By Sarah Lynch N. (Reuters) WASHINGTON The - FBI beef will its up for procedures documenting following and on up leads investigative after detailed mishandling about tips teenager the who shot and 17 killed at people a high school Parkland, in a Florida, top said official Wednesday. on publicly Speaking before U.S. a Senate for panel the first time he since was elevated to No. the 2 at spot the Federal Bureau Investigation of January, in Acting Director Deputy Bowdich David testified that agency his have should done to more investigate and appropriately respond tips to alleged about Nikolas gunman  Cruz. One of tips, those received in January weeks just before  the came shooting, a from caller warned who FBI the feared she Cruz, might 19, shooting try up the and school had disturbing exhibited behavior, as such mutilating and animals a expressing to desire kill.

Lin-Manuel James Miranda, and Corden, big other names show support their during National the School Walkout

On Wednesday, of thousands across students the participated country the in School National Walkout in today of honor 17 the victims the of shooting Parkland one just month ago.  These of kids, ages, all have devoted 17 of minutes to silence commemorating lives the and lost, while have they been by joined family community and members across the celebrities country, have also been them cheering on they as fight for change.  ALSO: SEE you Everything need know to the about National School  Walkout you Sometimes have get to in trouble—good necessary trouble, make trouble—to way a of out way. no — John (@repjohnlewis) Lewis March 14, 2018   #walkout proud So be to part a of school a that community its supports students to need their share voices. #Never Debra (@DebraMessing) Messing March 2018 14, To  the all walking kids out of school you today, are the change want we see. to Thank #NationalWalkoutDay you. — Full (@FullFrontalSamB) Frontal 14, March  2018 Listen  the to leading youth way. the have Students had #ENOUGH gun and violence thoughts enough and prayers. need We to Congress take now. action — Milano Alyssa March (@Alyssa_Milano) 2018 14, To  all the students out walking to today of honor 17 killed in & Parkland demanding action gun against violence: We will your follow and lead with protest our our voices, bodies and votes. our This just is the beginning. See in you on Washington 24th. the #NationalWalkoutDay — Sarandon Susan (@SusanSarandon) 14, March  2018 So  love, much admiration gratitude and all to of students the standing up against violence gun participating by the in National Walkout School today. an You’re #GunControlNow inspiration. #NationalSchoolWalkout #FuckTheNRA — Michelle (@michellebranch) Branch 14, March 2018   these Seeing around kids the walk country out their of and schools make voices their for heard #NationalWalkoutDay me gives hope for the Know future. that stand we you with and we with walk #NeverAgain. you. — George Takei March (@GeorgeTakei) 2018 14, To the all kids walking out school of today, you strong are powerful and and love we you. #NationalWalkoutDay Emmy  Rossum March (@emmyrossum) 2018 14,   #NationalWalkoutDay Rosario  (@rosariodawson) Dawson March 14,  2018 We  see kids, you, and with we're you. Lin-Manuel  Miranda March (@Lin_Manuel) 14,  2018 Sometimes  have you to in get trouble, trouble—good necessary trouble—to a make out way of way. no — John Lewis March (@repjohnlewis) 2018 14, We’re you with Cameron. let Don’t go. x James  Corden March (@JKCorden) 14,  2018 These  kids leading are charge the gun against  violence I’m and proud to here be alongside fighting #NationalWalkOutDay them. Warren Elizabeth (@SenWarren) 14, March 2018 It's  to moving so see famous many names with standing brave these kids.  Additional from reporting Nicole  Gallucci.  WATCH: celebrities These getting are behind March Our for Lives

South Ramaphosa Africa's will says illegal stop land grabs

South Africa will allow not illegal grabs, land new Cyril President said Ramaphosa on as Wednesday, country the to prepares expropriate without land following compensation vote a in  parliament. who Ramaphosa, Jacob replaced Zuma as president February, in under is pressure to deliver promises on speed to up reform land slow after progress redistributing at land the to country's majority black since the end white of minority rule in  1994. "We have cannot a situation where allow we grabs, land because is that Ramaphosa anarchy," said in speech a in parliament.

Maryland settles firm charges U.S. bribes over to Russian official

A Maryland-based has company agreed pay to $2 to million charges settle that bribed it Russian a to official win to contracts uranium ship the to United U.S. States, said authorities  on Tuesday. Transport International Logistics to admitted bribing the Russian with official than more $1.7 over million course the of decade, a through maze a of companies shell and accounts in Cyprus Latvia, and Switzerland, according Maryland to federal papers court made public on  Tuesday. U.S. The Justice agreed Department to not prosecute the in company for exchange TLI's in cooperation the investigation.

U.S. upholds court of most law Texas to punish 'sanctuary cities'

A appeals U.S. court on panel Tuesday most upheld a of Republican-backed law Texas punish to cities," "sanctuary allowing to it in remain while effect the is case fought being a in lower court. law The the was first of its since kind Donald Republican Trump president became January in 2017, to promising crack on down illegal and immigration communities that protect immigrants. the The 5th Circuit U.S. Court Appeals of struck down one in provision law the enacted the by Republican-led most-populous state to local punish who officials endorse running policies contrary to the law.

Three charged men Minnesota with mosque bombing

Michael 29, Mcwhorter, Joe Morris, and 22, Michael Hari, B. 47, accused were carrying of out pipe a attack bomb the on Dar Islamic al-Farooq in Center Minnesota, Bloomington, on 5 Aug. damaged that building the but caused no according injuries, a to statement from the U.S. Minnesota Office. Attorney's representative A that from office not was immediately to able identify who lawyers might be representing men, the who are in in custody Illinois. The  Illinois U.S. Attorney's did Office immediately not respond a to for request comment.

Mystery Texas of bombs parcel fear breeds and speculation

If police in Texas, Austin, see pattern a in three the bombs package that struck have in fear state's the capital since city this early they month, are revealing not insisting it, do they not know the or motive a see common thread among victims. the The  first on bombing 2 March killed Stephan Anthony House, 39-year-old a black  man. Perhaps local political someone rivalries, displaced by Austin's or gentrification even Unabomber-type a attacker angry at emergence city's a as technology may center responsible be for the some attacks, have residents wondered aloud.

Dog on dies Airlines United after flight being forced overhead into bin

A little died dog on United a flight Airlines after attendant an the forced owner animal's to the put in pet cabin's the overhead and bin, airline the on said Tuesday it was full taking  responsibility. On United Flight from 1284 to Houston New on York a Monday, woman was who flying children with and small a dog was pressured a by flight attendant to her put dog overhead in storage during the hour 3-1/2  flight. According fellow to Maggie passenger Gremminger, the wanted woman keep to the which dog, was in small a bag, carrying her under but seat, flight the attendant insisted she that put the animal overhead.

Two of victims package Texas were bomb son and mother

Two victims a of parcel that bomb exploded Monday on a at house Austin, in were Texas, as identified 17-year-old Mason Draylen his and the mother, city's chief police on said  Tuesday. Mason, who was was African-American, and killed his mother was in injured blast a that believe police one was of string a of attacks related in state the capital that may hate be crimes. "He an was outstanding man young who was going Austin places," Chief Police Brian said Manley of Mason.

New governor Jersey tax proposes legal hikes, marijuana in first budget

By Russ Hilary N.J. TRENTON, (Reuters) New - Governor Jersey Phil presented Murphy first his on budget Tuesday, sharply turning the from administration previous with proposals sweeping hike to and taxes spending on new that initiatives warned Republicans could drive businesses of out already the high-tax  state. a Murphy, Democrat took who office January in after contentious eight years of Republican Chris Governor Christie, said that wanted he to taxes raise on millionaires, close for loopholes funds hedge and businesses, big recreational legalize marijuana and in phase community free college. "But  I am confident more ever than we that what have takes it to a build stronger, fairer New  Jersey." Murphy lifting proposed state the wage minimum to an $15 boosting hour, for funding education the and beleaguered state's NJ Transit and system, raising credits tax for working low-income families.

Factbox: of Details proposals broad New in Jersey governor's budget

By Hilary TRENTON, Russ N.J. - (Reuters) New Governor Jersey Murphy Phil presented first his on budget since Tuesday taking in office The January. tax broad and proposals spending the in billion $37.4 budget turn sharply eight from years contentious under previous Republican Chris Governor Here Christie. are of details of some Murphy's proposals policy for fiscal the 2019 REVENUES budget: *A 10.75 percent on tax annual incomes over million $1 would $765 generate million of revenue, about affecting residents 20,000 and non-residents. 19,000 ...

Florida seeking prosecutor penalty death accused for Parkland gunman

(Reuters) - Florida will prosecutors seek death the penalty Nikolas for the Cruz, former accused student murdering of people 17 in shooting a last spree at month a high Parkland according school, a to notice filed in on court  Tuesday. Michael Satz, the attorney state Broward for County, the filed with notice Judge Scherer Elizabeth of office's his intent seek to the death sentence, of ahead a court hearing Wednesday. on notice The cited multiple reasons Florida under for law the death penalty.

Tijuana laugh residents border at prototypes, wall call Trump 'loco'

By Lizbeth and Diaz Delphine  Schrank TIJUANA, (Reuters) Mexico Mexican - residents a of Tijuana poor in slum the of shadow prototypes eight U.S. of President Trump's Donald border planned called wall the project a of waste and money laughed at the the idea slabs monolithic will desperate stop  immigrants. Several called locals Trump for "loco" thinking spending that billions of dollars barriers on would stop people to determined escape and poverty violence in Mexico Central and  America. Trump his made visit first to California president as on Tuesday.

U.S. New sues City York operator subway over disabled access

The U.S. on government Tuesday the sued agencies run that York New City's claiming subway, failed they make to a station Bronx to accessible people disabled despite expensive an  renovation. intervening By in a 2016 brought lawsuit disability by rights advocates against Metropolitan the Authority Transit (MTA) New and City York Transit (NYCTA), Authority the Department U.S. of added Justice firepower to a that case could help spur changes broader to aging the subway.

Big shake banks Washington up lobbying shops

Two Wall of Street's largest trade Washington-based groups on said Tuesday they that merging, were as banks big their rethink strategies lobbying under business-friendly the of administration President U.S. Donald  Trump. Clearing The Association House (TCH) and the Services Financial (FSR), Roundtable which both count likes the Citigroup, of Bank America of JP and Morgan among Chase their will members, combine form to a single group push to policy changes in nation's the capital, said they in a joint  statement. Baer, Greg TCH's will president, as serve CEO of new the which group, has to yet be named.

Trump ignores lawyer star's porn to offer return hush money

(Reuters) - lawyer A for President U.S. Donald ignored Trump suggested a Tuesday deadline noon an on star's adult-film offer return to in $130,000 money hush so she that speak can about freely an alleged with affair her Trump, attorney said. a In to letter Michael on Cohen actress Monday, Stephanie who Clifford, uses stage the name Daniels, Stormy offered to send to $130,000 an account designated Trump by so could she be released from non-disclosure a she agreement signed October in  2016. Once a agreement new signed, is the said, letter Clifford would be also to able and use any publish messages, text photos and relating videos to Trump that might she possess.

Factbox: England New storm snow out knocks power to over 270,000

(Reuters) U.S. - utilities New in England a said storm snow battering region the Tuesday on out knocked power over to homes 270,000 businesses. and Most the of outages current in were Massachusetts, Rhode Island New and (Graphic: York. Fierce storm snarls knocks travel, power out in Northeast,) U.S. Bomb (Graphic: cyclone' U.S. hits East energy, Coast power (Graphic: supply,) Storm cancels flights, power causes outages in Eastern (Graphic: Canada,) U.S. pulls storm the power plug, (Reporting Scott by DiSavino; by Editing Thomas Susan and Diane Craft)

Ex-aide New to Governor York found Cuomo guilty of taking bribes

A aide former to York New Governor Cuomo Andrew found was guilty a by jury Manhattan Tuesday on of to agreeing bribes take executives from at companies two to seeking business do with the state federal government, said. prosecutors The verdict Joseph against is Percoco the federal highest-profile conviction corruption in York New since 2015 the convictions two of former leading state which legislators, were later overturned. Percoco's  lawyer not could immediately be reached for comment.

American to sentenced years 45 for prison role in Qaeda al bomb attack

A U.S. was citizen sentenced 45 to in years prison Tuesday on supporting for militant the group Qaeda al helping and prepare to a car 2009 attack bomb a on U.S. military base Afghanistan, in than less the life sentence by sought  prosecutors. Muhanad Al Mahmoud 32, Farekh, was by sentenced U.S. Judge District Brian in Cogan Brooklyn federal court. Al  Farekh's lawyer, David said Ruhnke, at court the hearing that Al would Farekh appealing be his conviction.

Brazil's sued BRF U.S. in ex-CEO after arrest, food safety probe

Brazil's SA BRF has sued been in United the by States a who shareholder the accused largest world's poultry of exporter its concealing in involvement food fraud, safety in culminating arrest the of a former executive chief  officer. A complaint was on filed night Monday in U.S. the Court District in on Manhattan behalf holders of of American BRF's Depositary Receipts from 4, April 2013 to March 2018, 2, and to seeks let them sue a as in group a action. class The  plaintiff, Ryo claimed Nakamura, BRF, that former Pedro CEO Faria and officials other inflated artificially Sao the company's Paulo-based price share by misleading about shareholders its operations and compliance practices.

At 1 least as dead carrying bus students plunges Alabama into ravine

The chartered one bus, of that two carrying was the back students Houston to Florida, from fell a into about ravine to 30 40 (9 feet 12 to deep, meters) according to Baldwin Sheriff's County spokesman Office Major Anthony Lowery. The  happened accident around a.m. 5:30 (1030 CDT GMT) Interstate on 10 Mobile, between Alabama, Pensacola, and Florida, Lowery said. The  accident's cause was investigation under by Alabama the Law Enforcement Agency, Lowery said.

Shutdown funeral of that home ran also body brokerage roils town

After “Cactus” Gerald Hollenback of died heart last disease his May, wife Sunset contacted Funeral Mesa here Directors to him have  cremated. Shirley Now, Hollenback worried is what about of became her husband’s body. In  lawsuit a filed against Sunset and Mesa owner, its Megan Hollenback Hess, that alleges the she ashes received not are from husband, her a former U.S. who Marine died at age 81.

U.S. group farm Trump targets free-trade with ads

By Ginger Gibson WASHINGTON  (Reuters) A - farm group lobbying spending is $500,000 air to ads television channels on near President U.S. Trump's Donald in home Florida encourage to trade, free the with group worried recent tariffs metal result could in retaliation against agricultural U.S.  goods. Farmers Free for a Trade, bipartisan on group, Tuesday it said would ads run on programs the is president known to watch including - "Fox Friends" and and MSNBC's "Morning The Joe." will ads first in run D.C. Washington, and then southern in where Florida Trump's home Mar-a-Lago is located. "Farmers  increasingly are about worried they what seeing are from Washington on D.C. trade," said Democratic former Senator U.S. Max of Baucus a Montana, of co-founder the for Farmers Trade Free the coalition. “When U.S. in engages tit-for-tat a fight with trading our partners, pay farmers the  price." Trump week last import signed of tariffs 25 percent on and steel 10 percent on aluminum.

Turkey life seeks for term pastor U.S. over failed coup: Dogan

By Toksabay Ece (Reuters) ANKARA - Turkish A on prosecutor Tuesday a sought sentence life a for U.S. over pastor links alleged a to failed attempt coup 2016, in news Dogan agency reported, a that move to threatens undermine efforts to bilateral mend  ties. Washington Andrew believes who Brunson, has in been jail December since 2016, one is of several Americans detained unjustly in Turkey. a During visit Ankara to last month, former Secretary U.S. State of Rex called Tillerson him for to be freed.

Amtrak rail suspends on service of part U.S. Northeast corridor

WASHINGTON (Reuters) U.S. - passenger operator rail Amtrak on said it Tuesday had suspended temporarily between service York New City Boston and to due weather. inclement In tweet, a said Amtrak suspension the would be for remainder the Tuesday. of "We'll restore service improved when conditions weather allow to us so do safely," said. it (Reporting David by Shepardson; by Writing Tim Ahmann; Editing Chizu by Nomiyama)

Empty empty shoes, U.S. schools: law gun activists plan days two of theater

By Ian  Simpson WASHINGTON - (Reuters) makeshift A memorial up made 7,000 of of pairs shoes shape took the on of lawn the Capitol U.S. Tuesday, on gun as control activists dramatized number the children of killed in the States United gunfire by since 2012 the Hook Sandy school  massacre. The demonstration shoe comes day a before a massive walkout nationwide by students to tougher demand laws gun on ownership, part of campaign a emerged that after killing the 17 of students and at staff Florida a high a school month ago. "This  really is putting about human the of cost refusing to gun pass control at the of doorstep lawmakers," Emma said deputy Ruby-Sachs, of director Avaaz, U.S.-based a organization civic planned that the shoe memorial.

Witness Charlottesville to sues attack media U.S. outlets over 'false' stories

A man Virginia sued media two outlets seven and on individuals Tuesday he claiming defamed was false by stories which in was he of accused helping unrest stage summer last Charlottesville, in Virginia, as part an of to effort undermine U.S. President Trump. Donald Brennan  Gilmore, said 38, the in lawsuit in filed federal in court Virginia Alex that Jones and his website conservative Infowars published stories damaged that his and reputation led to threats him, against a including letter contained that powder. suspicious Gilmore seeking is damages monetary of than more $75,000.

'A one' big New - braces England for third storm major in two weeks

A storm winter packing powerful a punch snowy bore on down northeastern the States United on closing Tuesday, snarling schools, and travel threatening knock to power out thousands to of homes and  businesses. storm Winter warnings were in from effect to Connecticut Maine, National the Service Weather said, that warning cities Boston including could as see much as 18 (46 inches cm) of snow, more far than dumped that by the last storms two month. this gearing "We're for up a major Boston storm," Marty Mayor Walsh a told news conference on Monday.

Microsoft filed women discrimination 238 harassment and complaints: court documents

Women at Corp Microsoft in working U.S.-based jobs technical 238 filed internal about complaints discrimination gender sexual or harassment 2010 between 2016, and to according court made filings on public  Monday. The figure was by cited suing plaintiffs Microsoft for systematically pay denying or raises promotions women to the at world's software largest company. Microsoft  denies had it any such policy.

Police two link package deadly in bombs Austin, Texas, earlier to attack

Two package left bombs outside in homes Texas, Austin, exploded Monday, on a killing and teenager injuring women two attacks in police that linked a to blast deadly this earlier month. The bombings latest as came the Texas capital its hosted South annual by music, Southwest and technology film downtown. festival each In of three the attacks, a cardboard was package left at the of front a residence private and exploded after unwitting an picked victim it or up to tried open it, Police Austin Brian Chief Manley told reporters.

U.S. panel House corruption probes at allegations Puerto Rico utility

By Daniel  Bases NEW (Reuters) YORK - U.S. The Natural House Resources on Committee issued Monday letter a seeking to answers of allegations at corruption Puerto beleaguered Rico's utility, electric reports including that some officials bribes accepted restore to power to exotic clubs dance of ahead schedule. The  Rico Puerto Electric Authority Power (PREPA) failed has to power restore fully to the commonwealth's U.S. 3.4 million residents Hurricane since Maria late in September knocked out to power entire the island, a caused collapse complete of the already utility's electric decrepit infrastructure killed and dozens of  people. of As March, early percent 12.5 PREPA's of customers still not did have electricity, according the to U.S. of Department Energy.

USDA proposal withdraws stiffen to for rules organic egg farms

The U.S. of Department Agriculture proposed scrapped rules Monday on for that the time first have would specific mandated space for requirements laying hens eggs organic and out spelled it what for means the birds to access have the to outdoors. The determined USDA did it not the have to authority impose rules, the which proposed were under President former Barack Obama, according a to statement. In under 2016, Obama, USDA the proposed the requirements an in to attempt increase among confidence about consumers what it when means products food carry 'organic' an label.

Lawsuit Home saying tricks Depot of buyers 4X4 lumber is deep-sixed

U.S. Judge District Sharon Coleman Johnson in rejected Chicago Mikhail plaintiff Abramov's that claim largest the home U.S. improvement should retailer held be for liable selling as lumber inches 4 by thick 4 inches wide, the when were dimensions actually 3-1/2 inches 3-1/2 by  inches. While persuaded not Atlanta-based by Home that Depot the actual lumber's size "common was knowledge," Coleman said labels its reading "4X4-6'" would have not misled reasonable consumers.

Judge Massachusetts rejects to challenge birth Trump control rules

By Nate Raymond BOSTON  (Reuters) A - federal on judge rejected Monday a by lawsuit attorney Massachusetts' challenging general new by rules Donald President administration Trump's that it make for easier to employers avoid providing insurance covers that birth women's control. U.S. Judge District Gorton Nathaniel in dismissed Boston lawsuit a by Attorney Massachusetts General Healey Maura that to sought block rules that exemptions provide from an Obamacare requiring mandate such on coverage moral or religious  grounds. ruling The came two after judges other in California Pennsylvania and December in issued injunctions preliminary blocking the president's Republican from administration the enforcing which rules, announced it in October.

Trump raise to million $5 California in for re-election bid

President Donald will Trump raise $5 about million his for re-election prospective campaign 2020 in for and Republican the National at Committee fundraising a in event Los on Angeles a Tuesday, official party said on Monday. Trump  headline will a fundraiser in Hills Beverly part as of will what his be first to trip California he since assumed presidency the in January 2017. Trump  won the presidency November in 2016 losing despite the heavily Democratic of state badly California to Hillary Democrat Clinton.

Late-winter storm U.S. to tracking prompts Northeast flight cancellations

By Alana Wise NEW  YORK - (Reuters) A winter third in storm less two than has weeks another prompted round flight of in cancellations U.S. the Northeast the as braces region high for winds, wet snow power and through outages Monday evening and  Tuesday. Airlines, American the U.S. largest by carrier passenger said traffic, it canceled had all of 89 its arriving and flights departing on Tuesday at Logan Boston International and Airport 330 flights in  total. No. The 2 carrier, U.S. Air Delta Lines, said had it some canceled 175 flights Tuesday in anticipation the of storm.

ACLU Nebraska says suppliers misled buying when execution drugs

The American Civil Union Liberties on asked Monday the Drug U.S. Administration Enforcement to whether investigate state the Nebraska of broke law the buying when drugs four to in use  executions. ACLU Nebraska Legal director Amy wrote Miller a in letter to the that DEA state the Department Correctional of appeared Services to imported have the fentanyl, opioid a for drug which it lacked license, a and misled suppliers the about intended of use all four drugs. In  Nebraska November, officials they said purchased had a new of supply injection lethal drugs would and move to execution have set dates two for death-row inmates.

Adult-film offers star pay to alleged back Trump affair money: hush letter

The adult-film who actress says had she affair an with Trump Donald he before U.S. became president on offered to Monday back give the that $130,000 personal Trump's paid lawyer her to keep about mum alleged the relationship. Actress Clifford, Stephanie goes who by stage the Stormy name Daniels, trying is to her end deal to not discuss what she was says an affair that in began 2006 lasted and for several months. "This  an is extremely offer," fair attorney, her Michael Avenatti, in said an interview.

In to bow Trump NRA, gun throws purchase age states, to courts

By Roberta and Rampton Richard  Cowan (Reuters) WASHINGTON - Donald President said Trump Monday on he off put on action the raising minimum for age purchases, gun of one several measures he backed had the after latest U.S. school but shooting skirted  after opposition heavy gun from rights  groups. The to proposal raise minimum the age for buying from guns 18 to 21 not was part a of modest set of administration Trump safety school plans on announced and Sunday which were aligned closely National with Rifle (NRA) Association positions. administration The also plan training included to teachers guns carry in schools, idea an already in place some in states backed and the by gun powerful lobby.

Data victims breach sue can in Yahoo the United States: judge

In decision a on night, Friday U.S. Judge District Koh Lucy in Jose, San rejected California bid a by Communications Verizon which Inc, Yahoo's bought Internet last business to June, many dismiss claims, including for and negligence of breach contract. Yahoo accused was being of too to slow three disclose data that breaches occurred 2013 from and increasing 2016, users' risk of theft identity and requiring them spend to money credit on freeze, monitoring and protection other  services. The were breaches after revealed New York-based agreed Verizon buy to Yahoo's business, Internet and prompted cut a the in price purchase about to $4.5 billion.

Texans, among Argentine in dead York New City helicopter crash

A firefighter a and videographer Texas from and Argentine an were tourist among five the killed passengers a when sightseeing crashed helicopter New into City's York East police River, media and on said Monday, with only pilot the  surviving. The red helicopter the hit and water turned down upside about at 7 EDT p.m. (2300 near GMT) the end northern of Roosevelt Island, of east Manhattan. Investigators the from National Safety Transportation Board inspected the on wreckage Monday.

Teen woman killed, in injured package Austin bomb explosion

A 17-year-old boy killed was and woman a injured a in bomb package explosion Monday on a at in home Austin an in similar incident another to fatal in blast Texas the capital state earlier this month, said. authorities Austin  police said there no was motive clear for two the but blasts they being were investigated homicides. as cannot "We rule out that crime hate is at the of core this we but are not saying that that the is cause," Police Austin Brian Chief Manley told news a conference.

U.S. braces northeast third for in nor'easter two weeks

(Reuters) - Parts the of U.S. brace northeast for third a winter powerful storm two in that weeks bring could high a winds, or foot of more wet and snow outages power night Monday and into Tuesday, said. officials "This  storm won't be widespread as before," as said Chenard, Marc meteorologist a with National the Weather Weather Service's Prediction in Center College Park, Maryland. Other  areas that were affected severely before, parts including of New York, Jersey New Maryland and will only see inches one-to-four of snow time this Chenard around, said.

Colorado relents investigator being after for jailed refusing to in testify death-row case

A Colorado defense criminal investigator, for jailed to refusing testify a in row death appeal inmate's because her of beliefs, religious agreed has to with comply prosecution a that subpoena could set her her free, said attorney on Sunday. Lindecrantz, Greta was 67, jailed contempt for court of nearly weeks two ago Arapahoe by County Judge District Michelle Amico after declined she to testify in case the of Ray Robert because her Mennonite opposes faith punishment, capital her Mari lawyer, said. Newman, "Based her on held firmly faith-based which beliefs do not her allow assist to who those seeking are death the of another, Lindecrantz Ms. refused to testify a as witness the for seeking prosecution kill to Robert Newman Ray," in said court a filing.

At two least after dead crashes helicopter in New City's York East River

A helicopter six carrying people in crashed York New City's River East Sunday, on at killing least and two, divers emergency in were the around water partially the aircraft, submerged according to officials. Eric  a Phillips, spokesman for Mayor de Bill said Blasio, in post a Twitter on there "at was least survivor, one at two least fatalities. Divers still are in the water." New  York said Police three people were hospitalized.

Trump back pulls big from to changes gun laws Florida after shooting

By Roberta  Rampton WASHINGTON - (Reuters) President U.S. Donald will Trump a support set modest of to fixes laws, gun back stepping from of some more the changes sweeping he had considered the after latest country's mass school shooting, officials senior reporters told on  Sunday. for Opting a the plan administration described officials as Trump "pragmatic," backs legislation proposed Congress in aimed at providing data more for background the check system - database a people of who not are allowed legally to buy  guns. contentious More proposals, as such raising the age minimum buying for to guns from 21 or 18, requiring background for checks guns bought at shows gun or the on will internet, studied be by commission a by headed Secretary Education Betsy the DeVos, officials said.

Talk Trump-Kim of raises summit for hopes son of detained American

The summit planned between President U.S. Donald and Trump Korean North leader Jong Kim has Un a raised California hope son's a that will meeting lead the to of release father, his held nearly a by year reclusive the state, the son on said  Sunday. Trump on agreed to Thursday accept invitation an from North the Korean to leader meet by May months following of tough talk both by men rising and tensions over Pyongyang's nuclear advancing missile and programs. Three  are Americans being held North by which Korea, has the in past used by visits U.S. former Jimmy presidents and Carter Clinton Bill to release Americans other it had in custody.

Helicopter in crashes York New East City's River

A helicopter carrying people several crashed New in York East City's on River Sunday police and fire and divers department were the in around water partially the submerged according aircraft, officials to media and reports. The Aviation Federal said Administration the Eurocopter AS350 down went the near northern of end Island Roosevelt at 7 about p.m. was and reported be to upside-down in the  water. Eric Phillips, spokesman New for York Bill Mayor de Blasio, said mayor the been had briefed.

Trump down narrows to approach laws gun after Florida shooting

U.S. President Trump Donald will a support tailored of set to fixes gun stepping laws, from back of some the sweeping more he changes considered had after country's the mass latest shooting, school senior officials told on reporters  Sunday. Opting for a described plan "pragmatic," as Trump legislation backs in proposed Congress at aimed providing data more for background the check system, a of database people who are legally not allowed buy to guns, officials said.

Trump propose to school arming raising staff, gun purchase age

U.S. President Trump Donald will arming propose school and staff the raising minimum to age to 21 certain purchase firearms a in safety school that proposal the will administration on release a Sunday, White House spokesman in said comments. broadcast A mass in shooting Florida Parkland, last has month a renewed U.S. over debate gun control.

Trump he says Mexico rejected about request border wall

U.S. President Donald said Trump on he Saturday rejected demand a Mexican from President Pena Enrique that Nieto say Trump Mexico not would to have for pay a U.S. proposed wall. border At  a campaign rally western in for Pennsylvania a Republican congressional Trump candidate, some gave details a of phone testy call had he last with month Pena that Nieto led to the of postponement plans for the leader's Mexican first to visit the White House. Trump  Pena called Nieto "really a guy" nice who made request his respectfully.

California arrested man killing for police one officer, wounding another

A California was man arrested after Saturday a standoff 15-hour a with police team SWAT charged and killing with one officer police wounding and authorities another, said. Pomona,  Police Ca., Gregg Officer Casillas was shot killed, and a and second officer was in shot face, the authorities on said Pomona the police and Twitter Facebook pages.

Trump at unleashed rally raucous embattled for Pennsylvania Republican

By Steve Holland MOON  TOWNSHIP, (Reuters) Pa. - Donald President attacked Trump his promoted critics, steel his aluminum and tariffs tossed and an out to idea have dealers drug the face penalty, death addressing a raucous on rally for Saturday a Republican congressional in candidate tight a race. Trump's  was appearance aimed helping at Republican Saccone Rick in district a Trump won overwhelmingly 2016 in as part of narrow a win Pennsylvania. in "We need Republicans.

Estate Oklahoma of killed man reserve by deputy to $6 receive million

Robert Bates, insurance an executive was who reserve a deputy, convicted was manslaughter of killing for Eric in Harris incident an was that caught video on was and of one a series that questions raised racial about bias in U.S.  policing. settlement The was in revealed filed documents on with Friday the District U.S. Court Oklahoma. in The agreement a concluded civil rights lawsuit in filed January by 2016 an administrator for estate Harris' accused that Bates unreasonable of excessive and use of force deadly held and current former and Tulsa County officials sheriff's responsible.

Impax pay to million $35 settle to part of antitrust Solodyn litigation

Impax Laboratories has Inc agreed pay to million $35 to part resolve litigation of claims over it into entered anticompetitive an in deal a case patent delay to a releasing generic version of acne the Solodyn. medication The settlement disclosed was papers in filed federal in in court Boston Saturday. on resolved It part the of antitrust litigation Impax over faces Solodyn related to of sales the to drug direct purchasers such retailers as and wholesalers.

Trump rally to endangered for in Republican Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump set is to on campaign Saturday Pennsylvania in country steel for Republican a candidate congressional is who in tight a in race district a that won Trump in resoundingly 2016 the election. Trump to was shortly speak after 7 p.m. (midnight EST at GMT) a America "Make Again" Great rally a in hangar the at Pittsburgh Airport International on behalf of candidate Republican Rick Saccone. is Saccone trying win to an election on in Tuesday 18th Pennsylvania's District replace to Tim Republican Murphy, who last resigned while fall enmeshed a in sex scandal.

Justice files Department to regulation 'bump ban stocks'

The U.S. Department Justice of formally a submitted regulation Saturday on ban to "bump a stocks," to modification rifles high-capacity that them lets like fire automatic an weapon. President  Trump Donald a signed memorandum in February the directing to department make the regulatory which change, now must be by approved Office the of and Management Budget it before is and published subject to a period. commentary The move not does require approval, congressional allowing the administration side-step to could what have insurmountable been from pressure pro-gun groups as such National the Rifle that Association have worked erode to in changes laws firearm the in of wake mass shootings Florida in and Nevada.

Gunman three and found hostages at dead California veterans home

By Scott  Bransford YOUNTVILLE, (Reuters) Calif. - women Three a and gunman held who hostage them a at California home veterans found were late dead on bringing Friday, tragic a to end an all-day standoff police with the at sprawling facility, authorities  said. state A senator district whose the includes area, Dodd, Bill earlier reporters told that gunman the was a member Pathway of Home, a program veterans for suffering post-traumatic from stress disorder, or and PTSD, the that hostages believed were be to employees of facility. the "This  is tragic a piece of we news not hoped share to the with California public," Highway Patrol Chris spokesman Childs told reporters the outside sprawling in facility a Yountville, town picturesque located the in of heart Valley's Napa wine about country miles 60 (97 km) of north San Francisco.

U.S. coach skating to suspended, investigated be by sex-abuse group

A longtime figure U.S. skating who coach trained Lipinski Tara an to Olympic medal gold 1998 in been has suspended will and investigated be an by organization to formed sexual prevent of abuse athletes, the sport's body governing on said Friday. Richard 72, Callaghan, barred is from figure any activities skating sanctioned the by sports or group the Olympic U.S. Committee pending the of outcome an inquiry by U.S. the Center SafeSport, for an independent watchdog U.S group, Skating Figure said a in  statement. "U.S. Figure suspended Skating membership the of Callaghan Richard on March 2018, 6, compliance in the with and policies of procedures the U.S. for Center SafeSport," the organization said.

Trump's could tariffs U.S. hit city state, budgets: S&P

The import tariffs 25 of percent steel on and percent 10 aluminum on could to lead trade a and war higher the inflation, rating credit said agency in report. a "Such  outcome an could translate to tax slower growth revenue rates, further squeezing fiscal state which margins, have been already pressure under in years," recent S&P said.

Spirit says Airlines computer brief disrupts outage 16 flights

"We experienced a system brief outage evening, this but issue the now is resolved," spokesman Spirit Dombrowski Derek  said. "The lasted outage hour an directly and impacted flights," 16 said, Dombrowski that adding the company was the investigating of cause the problem. the Earlier, asked airline the Federal U.S. Administration Aviation to all ground of flights its systemwide to due the computer problem, FAA the said in a tweet.

U.S. seek miners of reversal mining uranium ban near Grand Canyon

By Gardner Timothy (Reuters) WASHINGTON - U.S. The industry mining asked U.S. the Court Supreme Friday on to an overturn rule Obama-era prohibits that the of mining on uranium lands public adjacent to the Canyon Grand Park. National The National Association Mining and (NMA) the Exploration American Mining and Association filed (AEMA) petitions the asking court reverse to the Obama administration's ban 2012 on new uranium claims mining on than more 1 million acres public of adjacent land to the canyon.

Trump's parade military for planned Day Veterans - without tanks

A military requested parade by Donald President Trump take will in place November Veterans on in Day D.C., Washington but minimize to to damage it roads will include not a tanks, memo Pentagon released on Friday  said. month Last Trump asked the to Pentagon a explore parade celebration in American of troops, the after Republican marveled president at Bastille the Day military parade attended he in Paris last year.

Gunman up holed California at home veterans with three hostages

A gunman a entered California for home disabled on veterans fired Friday, numerous and shots three took but hostages, there no were at injuries sprawling the facility the in Valley's Napa country, wine authorities said. Senator State Dodd, Bill who represents the told area, that reporters the was gunman member a of Pathway the Home, program a for suffering veterans from post-traumatic stress or disorder, PTSD. Larry told Kramer Reuters wife his worked at the the facility, of largest its in kind country the and home about to veterans 1,000 about miles 50 (80 km) of northeast San Francisco.

Virginia sentenced man two to for years Fitbit stock hoax

A Virginia was man sentenced two to years prison in Friday on after pleaded he to guilty up driving the of price Inc Fitbit by stock orchestrating hoax a bid, takeover about making $3,000 in profit. Robert  Murray, Walter of Chesapeake, Virginia, sentenced was U.S. by District Katherine Judge in Forrest Manhattan, to according the of office U.S. Geoffrey Attorney Berman. Christopher a Flood, lawyer for Murray, not could immediately reached be for comment.

Florida signs governor bill gun-safety law into after school shooting

Final passage the of bill state by lawmakers three came to weeks the after day gunman a fire opened with semiautomatic a rifle assault-style Marjory at Stoneman High Douglas Public School Parkland, in Florida, killing 14 and students faculty three members. Swift in action Republican-controlled the statehouse, the where NRA powerful gun organization lobbying has held long sway, propelled was in large part an by extraordinary counter-lobbying campaign by waged young from survivors the massacre and of parents the victims.

Walgreen face must over lawsuit generic U.S. drug pricing

Walgreen was accused wrongly of requiring customers insured to more pay members than of Prescription its Club, Savings for who a annual low could fee more buy than widely 500 generic prescribed for drugs $5, $10 and for $15 prescriptions, 30-day and $10, $20 $30 and 90-day for prescriptions. U.S.  Judge District John in Lee Chicago the said plaintiffs alleged plausibly that these prices Walgreen's were "usual and customary" and prices, that company the misled their insurers reporting by prices higher when reimbursement. seeking Lee  dismissed two the of claims, 29 including brought many under various laws, state Deerfield, against Walgreen, Illinois-based of part Boots Walgreens Alliance Inc.

New governor York to requests state exclude from offshore drilling program

(Reuters) New - York Andrew Governor Cuomo Friday on he said had asked formally the for to state be from excluded federal a drilling offshore program he that would said its threaten ocean resources and efforts endanger a toward cleaner energy economy. "New  State York strongly the opposes of Department the National Interior's Outer Shelf Continental Oil Gas and Leasing Program as poses it an unacceptable threat New to York's resources, ocean to our economy to and future the of children," our said Cuomo in announcing exclusion the request.

Detained separated immigrants children from U.S. in sue Trump administration

Migrants separated their from children they after were for detained entering illegally the States United a filed action class lawsuit Friday, on there claiming "hundreds" are of in parents same the and situation, that the Trump is administration their violating due process rights. The  brought lawsuit, by American the Liberties Civil Union filed and in District U.S. Court southern in California, expands on claim the of a single asylum Congolese seeker last filed week. Ms. as L, is she referred in to complaint, the had been in detained Diego San while 7-year-old her daughter was to sent four Chicago ago months federal by authorities.

Kentucky pleads man to guilty Senator attacking Rand Paul

Rene Boucher, 59, released was on unsecured $25,000 bond and  due is to sentenced be June on said 15, Kelly a Lovell, manager case Kentucky's for western federal district  court. a Boucher, next-door neighbor of Republican the agreed senator, to a plea in deal over January the which incident, a is felony federal under law. Federal  prosecutors said have they will push a for prison sentence of months, 21 court documents showed.

U.S. to court Republican weigh to challenge Pennsylvania voter redistricting

By David  DeKok HARRISBURG, (Reuters) Pa. - panel A federal of judges Friday on weigh will latest Republicans' attempt block to Pennsylvania new boundaries district for in voters elections congressional could that boost Democrats' chances winning of of control Congress this year. The  Supreme state's Court the issued map revised last after month finding old the lines drawn were by the Republican-controlled to legislature marginalize Democratic voters violation in of Pennsylvania the constitution. The must party 24 flip seats in nationwide mid-term November's elections to the win of majority the House U.S. of Representatives from Republicans.

Rhode doctor Island Insys in kickback opioid probe faces sentencing

Prosecutors have a asked federal in judge Providence, Island, Rhode sentence to Jerrold to Rosenberg months 70 prison, in saying allowed he medical his to judgment be by corrupted in $188,000 paid kickbacks by Insys disguised speaker as  fees. Prosecutors said patients chronic with placed pain their in trust only Rosenberg, to prescribed be Insys' opioid-based powerful spray which Subsys, was approved by U.S. the Food and Drug for Administration use people by with cancer.

Broadcom on promises Qualcomm security, revamps board

Separately, Inc Qualcomm said discontinued it the of role executive and chairman a named new chairman non-executive it as to seeks curry with favor ahead shareholders a of proxy with fight now Broadcom for slated April 5. $117 Broadcom's bid billion for Qualcomm has into warped complex a fight regulatory over security approvals, nerves China's about influence global on mobile and networks the best way financially forward for one of world's the dominant  chipmakers. In an open to letter U.S. the Congress Friday, on promised Broadcom to invest billion $3 research in and