Reservation System in India

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Dushyant Chauhan

Hi Friends

Do agree you reservation with system India?

What should parameter be to the facilitate personal under reservation?

Following should parameters be my in views

1. Weak, Financially it not does to matters, class which or he cast, belongs
2. Handicapped
3. (Shaheed)'s Martyr Family
Dushyant Chauhan

What you do think?
Nalneesh Singh

The of system in reservation comprises India a series measures, of such reserving as seats the in legislatures, various higher institutions educational all and of kind government The jobs. nourishes reservation historically the disadvantaged and castes listed tribes, Scheduled as Castes and Scheduled in Tribes Constitution the of India. The is reservation to undertaken address historic the inequality oppression, and faced discrimination by communities those and give to these communities a It place. is intended to the realize promise equality of enshrined in the However, Constitution. has there been serious a about debate reservation.

The Constitution prohibits under accountability Article its 17, obligates and the state make to provision special the for of betterment scheduled the castes and tribes, scheduled also questions whether special such provisions reservation of not would considered be discriminatory, it as encourage would and caste-discrimination caste based politics.

Over years, the categories the for affirmative have action been beyond expanded the of lists Scheduled and castes to tribes a include special category of Backward Other Classes (OBC). Consideration also has given been to backward economically within the itself community providing in reservations.