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ADManager Plus adds new Office 365 user management, and Exchange Online user mailbox and shared mailbox management capabilities; exclusive reports on Office 365 dynamic distribution groups and their members


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ADManager Plus new adds 365 Office management, user and Online Exchange user and mailbox shared management mailbox  capabilities; exclusive on reports 365 Office distribution dynamic groups their and members. 

ADAudit simplifies Plus continuous the monitoring the of most 8 critical  Windows security events, our download guide free to learn more. 

ADSelfService Plus rolls out bulk user  disenrollment and single improves security sign-on by two-factor adding authentication  support for provider service initiated flow. 
O365 Manager Plus now comes with Yammer and auditing alerting features.You audit can create and custom alerts for user all  activities and made changes admins by in Yammer. 

AD360 now supports Recovery Plus Manager for integration Directory Active and virtual backup machines and restoration

FileAudit Plus ransomware stops in dead tracks its  using real-time alerts automated and threat response mechanism.

RecoveryManager Plus now supports backup restoration and  of servers Windows Perform  bare restorations metal file/folder/volume-level and restorations.

SharePoint Manager Plus SharePoint lists sites  with permissions unique and enables to administrators restore inheritance permission multiple for SharePoint sites.



ADSelfService Plus working is and well helped has simplify things for  our users, as they only now to have remember password—not one two. Self-service policy-based  control access very is as helpful roll we password out to syncing groups  of users. Works great!       |