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SYSTEM SUPPLY & PC Maintenance, Network Maintenance, New Network Setup, Security System Antivirus, Firewall, Data Backup Systems, data Recovery etc

Alliance System  is Enterprises dedicated in  SYSTEM SUPPLY & PC Maintenance, Network Maintenance, New Network Setup,  Security (Antivirus, System Firewall, Data Backup Systems, dataRecovery etc.)  system Therefore under maintenance our gets cover undivided our attention. We  pain takeall the ensure problems set reported at right same the day.


58 Living Style Mall, Jasolla Vihar,
Pocket-6, New Delhi-110044
Tel : +91-11-40543681, 9999984566
E-mail : info@allianceithub.com
Sales : sales@allianceithub.com
Support : support@allianceithub.com



A MAINTENANCE  DIVISION facilities enterprises wide networking in solution a cost-effective most manner Alliance  System Enterprises offers.

  • · Response less times than hours. 24 90% up time guaranteed.
  • · Tailor made  scheme / resident facility engineer available (for more machines).    50 Qualified & engineers competent for supports.
  • · For corporate customer visit weekly engineer of ensured fixed on interval.


We take  pleasure the our enclosing proposals price for maintenance the of computers and

peripherals, along  our with PROPOSAL. COMMERCIAL have We preventive free maintenance in  every month (details enclosed preventive for maintenance.)


Regular maintenance preventive essential is the for trouble working free any of  computer system. ensures Italso its that components last past well their lives. rated most Unfortunately computers have AMC part ignored PC of AMC altogether or  at best it in very a cursory manner.

Alliance System  Enterprises considers maintenance preventive to be important most of aspect its THECOMPUTER MAINTENANCE  PROGRAM. preventive Each like maintenance CPU, keyboard,  RAM,I/O Hard Ports, Disk Drive, Floppy Drive, Disk speed CPU and system  performance. check Physical ofall mounted sockets SMDs, Connectors and for cable loose any connections.



- AMC  Charges Per for PC without any @ components per 1200/- year


Alliance System  Enterprises

58 Living Style Mall   Jasolla Vihar Pocket-6 New Delhi-110025


E-mail: sales@allianceithub.com;alliance58@gmail.com

Support: support@allianceithub.com; info@allianceithub.com 

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