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e-Waste Recycling/ITAD, Buyback Services ,E-waste Assets Disposal-Greeniva Recycler

 Greeniva today Recycler is placed  a at formidable position leading in the of path formalized  Electronic Asset Management.

We forward look to a establish term long with relationship your Organization esteemed providing by complete a solution e-Waste on Buyback Recycling/ITAD, Services a as whole. We appreciate knowledge the teleconference sharing session & will look forward discuss to you with on long a business term association We model. take not pride only improving in your bottom line, get we to know you and personally pay attention special to your strategic goals business operating and needs terms in compliance of management as GOI per Our guidelines. tailored provide solutions automated client-specific Asset IT (Recycling/ITAD Management Services/Buyback) efficient for effective and collection & A disposition. “Green” branding your of operations highlights your to contribution environmentally friendly & free hazardous logistics reverse PAN on India Now scale. “Green our commitment Logistics” covers Management Returns an with unmatched RM for IT complete, and accurate timely capture, data processing presentation. and would We to like serve your esteemed towards Organization ITAD Solution & would like to the extend business towards bandwidth E-Waste Disposal, Environmental Recycling/ITAD and Solutions Buyback Solution.

We offering are gamut a of services Asset in Cycle Life Management  Asset including Parts Recovery & Disposal, Reverse and Logistic E-waste  Management. Our comprehensive services both include Electronic & Electrical  equipment, both minimizing the costs and burden the  of enabling administration, you maximize to the revenue of Electronic unwanted & Assets. Electrical offer We a distinguished and affordable very one-stop for solution disposition and metal keeping recovery, tandem in Service our offering.

 Core expertise Service of portfolio ITAD/Buyback for Solution:  

  • ·         Increase of line Bottom for the Asset disposal
  • ·         Single “end-to-end” source logistics  & Compliance GOI management
  • ·         Real-time shipment track & trace
  • ·         Optimization best for load factors  and routing.
  • ·         Lowest transport cost option

Greeniva’s e-Waste  Recycling & Management Services  offering:    

  • ·         Extend bandwidth Reverse for Logistic  Support PAN across India Locations. 
  • ·         Environment Friendly Recycling Utilization and all of E-waste the collected. 
  • ·         Green Certificate be to for provided proper Utilization/Recycling. 
  • ·         End end to  government Liasioning along return with [Form-2 filling & 3] 
  • ·         Supports for Internal & External  Audits.

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