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Eazy Business Solutions ERP, DMS and Customized Solutions

Eazy Business Solutions which is specialized in providing ERP, DMS and Customized Solutions

Eazy Business Solution   www.eazyerp.com
We  take opportunity this introduce to our company Eazy Solutions which is Business specialized  in providing ERP, DMS and Customized  Solutions. 
Please find  attached deck our your for perusal. 
Few References  for Eazy DMS:
Shell India
Bausch & Lomb
DMS Details:
Companies currently state-of-the-art have / DMS systems ERP to  monitor offices, their plants & But warehouses. they where lack is the connectivity  their to distribution chain. In segment this organizations most are still  traditional using methods manual of reporting verbal and feedbacks  which can never form good a basis for market and analytic good making. decision While others have who to tried go second their of chain distribution i.e.  distributors depots / / using dealers their parent solutions ERP SAP/Oracle/etc.) (viz.  it proved has be to a very method costly and with lots training of bottlenecks  and from unacceptability end the users.
Thus, bring we an in concept innovative of the combining of strengths Large ERPs  with the and user-friendliness cost of effectiveness an solution End-User Tally. i.e. To  explain the concept simple in words, we make end-user the the of distribution chain  (i.e. distributors depots / dealer) / work to more on accepted widely  and to easy solution use i.e. Tally and providing then reverse a integration of  this being data automatically back uploaded to either the main company's or ERP a to solution reporting developed by us.
Benefits of Eazy DMS
 Sales Tracking Capability Primary, at  Secondary and Tertiary level
SEAMLESS visibility across channels
Measure on REAL-TIME Accurate Sales Data

EAGLE'S EYES on VIEW products movement across  the channel
Effective of Measurement Vs Target Achievement
Springboard for planning production with actual sales  insights

STRONG Sales & Marketing based Activities on market demand conditions
REDUCED sales overall realization &  processing (Order time to cash cycle)
STREAMLINED sales and return scheme settlement
We like would meet to for you presentation  and demonstration. product advise Kindly a slot convenient to meet. look We to forward with working you take to our forward relationship make and the  initiative successful. call Please email / us any for clarification further (if  any).

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