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Quantum Artico - a disk based storage with built in archival

Quantum Artico - It can save you up to 50% in storage costs, Artico retains active data on high-performance internal disks and migrates less-active content to a lower-cost storage tier (cloud, object or tape) for better cost management and long-term data retention

Artico retains  data active high-performance on internal disks migrates and less-active content  to lower-cost a tier storage (cloud, or object for tape) cost better and management data long-term retention.

The archived  content transparently is to accessible through users the NAS share, regardless  its of storage location, from single a  namespace fast and  accessibility easy at of ¼ the cost.

  • Offload Primary Storage

  • Access Files  on Object Cloud, Storage, or Tape—without  Backup Software

  • Improve Backup Window Active for Data


Quantum (India) Storage Pvt. Ltd.

Office: +91 11 6634 8005

Mobile: +91  98107 21701 

 Email: inf@quantum-southasia.com

Website : www.quantum.com


 Quantum can Artico you save up to in 50% storage costs.