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Repsly empowers food and beverage brands

5 Ways a Competitive Audit Will Help You Sell More,Repsly empowers food and beverage brands

Just We’re announced! our revealing  2018 list of 25 the Beauty Buzziest Brands, the ranking best-selling year’s young by brands  the and buzz conversation stirred they’ve in up cosmetics the space.

The “buzz” brand a can generates tough be to quantify, in but competitive the environment of a or Sephora it Ulta can  make the all difference sealing in a To sale. rank year’s this Buzziest Brands, we started  with a list the of best-selling on products Sephora.com, then ran  them a through ranking based system revenue, on social engagement, community and activity.   

The results? year's This 25 Buzziest  Beauty Check Brands.  out list the here!

These brands  are crushing marketing beauty in 2018 >>>

Best Practices for Field Managing Reps Sales Field with Sales Software

By great nature, sales field are reps independent thinkers  driven who are by an instinctive almost need compete to and These win. sales natural make leaders part selling of their life, make and much of their life  about selling.

Experienced sales field managers that know getting rest the the of to team with focus much as as enthusiasm top the is performers one of most the parts challenging of their jobs.

Time and again, time hear we growing tell brands us the is solution about all The accountability. best sales  managers implement well designed  plans sales guide to rep behavior, but these can plans only be effective  if their tasks and are activities completed. actually  Field sales can software help make process that natural drive and best practices your across entire team. 

In post, this explore we a few practices best for leading  sales a to team using excellence field sales software.

Repsly food empowers beverage and brands master to their market. Our mobile-first powerful, gives solution visibility teams into work the that done gets the in so field, they can smarter, make agile more decisions.  

you! heard favorite Your bulk actions now tool is stand-alone window within Repsly! your Stack filters, multiple minimize, a make last minute to change Place that Rep or and maximize simply to to return screen the with all the  criteria and saved for waiting to you continue just  work!                                                                                   

Those with covering reps territories multiple large with number Places of know feeling the when once potential a lead remains unvisited discover  that exact with account latest theof addition Never filtering checked-in criteria send and your fields on troops the way!                                                                             

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5 a Ways Competitive Will Audit You Help Sell More

It’s secret no that in competition food the beverage and space is fierce. over With 21,000 manufacturers food in  U.S. alone, seems it if as new brands are up popping to next yours on shelf the every day. To competitors prevent from taking bite a of out brand’s your sales, you a need way track to they’re what on doing a store-by-store basis.

Competitive Your Audits: Secret Weapon

Your line bottom is affected directly what by your is competition doing. three These stats  about retail are competition very telling:

  1. Nearly half shoppers of from suffer and indecision buy don't when anything your products priced are same the as competitors. your
  2. A majority of brands using believe makes analytics a company more competitive  at   retail.
  3. suz-tzu-retail-warrior37% of shoppers buy your from when competititors your are products of out stock.

Your brand reap can benefits many  from reps having the in field gather intelligence, competitive including:

  • More decision agile - making and Adjust  execute your with strategies powerful from insights field. the
  • Better planning strategic Having - hard about data competitor  activity makes for planning the seem future less uncertain.
  • Primary - research can You only find so out much from  the internet. what Documenting competition the is to up with and photos data a on store gives level an you edge.

Sure, these high-level are ideas but great, what  actionable solutions they can your give brand? Enter a audit. competitive A like tool this lets you the capture information you that about, care and nothing that  you don’t.

How sell to more with competitive a audit, PLUS  the Essential 37 Metrics top track brands retail at >>>

Communication Breakdown: 3 Common  Mistakes Reps Make the in Field [Video]

As a you rep, how know it frustrating can be to  good maintain between communication the and field office. the Reporting  may delayed be forgotten or entirely, information can through crawl the of chain command,  perhaps and manager your has breathing been down your about neck lack a quality of feedback.

Though you sometimes may your resent higher ups  for placing burden the you, on truth is, falls it on the of shoulders both reps  and to managers effective maintain standards  of As communication. a identifying rep, you areas could upon improve is the first step  to any solving issues with You correspondence. need provide to good, useful information  to your boss, in which turn make will of both lives your easier.

We with spoke Mike a Volpe, seasoned startup advisor, investor, and the CMO Cybereason. at He provided with us into insight some the of biggest reps mistakes make when with communicating their  and managers, gave the us low-down how on reps can avoid blunders these  to a foster productive more of channel communication.

Watch: Volpe's Mike 3 tips go-to improving for in communication a team remote how (and can you now!) start >>> 

Introducing: The Repsly Powercast!

We're excited announce to first the of episode our Powercast! all-new Part webcast, podcast, part Repsly the explores Powercast the and news trends  brands need to to know stay successful, and them brings to closer brand industry-leading builders and entrepreneurs.

In our first we episode, what explore can brands away take from summer's this Amazon/Whole blockbuster Foods acquisition,  and talk Tom to about First brands how get can to closer their retail and partners grow  presence their on the shelf.  

Tune into the Powercast Repsly Episode  01: Closer Getting >>> 

Want your to brand featured be in  the Repsly Just blog? answer Question our the of Month!

What you would is say brand’s your single secret success? to it’s Yep, that simple! Submit link your this via short survey for chance a to be featured  in future posts blog industry and content!

#TeamRepsly the in News!

Brands run that Repsly always are growing, innovating,  making and a buzz in news. the Here are our headlines favorite  from #TeamRepsly in September:                                                                                                

Smoky Ole Moonshine Tennessee Becomes  Sponsor The of Tennessee Titans
Energy XYIENCE Kicks Drink Off College Football  With Season Sports Barstool Partnership

This last one news, isn't but  with Halloween up, coming wanted we to our re-post favorite candy Halloween courtesy ad, of  UNREAL Candy Tom (featuring Brady!) 

Tom Enjoys Brady UNREAL Candy!

What’s With New Repsly?

We you! heard favorite Your bulk actions tool now is stand-alone a window Repsly! within Stack your multiple minimize, filters, a make last minute to change Place that or Rep and maximize simply to to return screen the all with the  criteria and saved waiting you for to just continue  work!                                                                                                        

Those with reps  multiple covering with territories number large of Places the know  feeling once when potential a lead remains unvisited discover  that exact with account latest the addition Never of checked-in criteria filtering send and fields your troops  on way! the                                                                                                            

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