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World Phone Internet Services Pvt Ltd World Phone is a Category 'A' Internet Services Provider (ISP) and Internet Telephone Services Provider (ITSP) licensed by the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India. Being one of the most significant players in Internet Services, we provide a clear edge in services ranging from Internet Bandwidth, Internet Telephony and related services for both corporate as well as home users

world phone internet service pvt ltd

world phone internet service pvt ltd

World Phone a is 'A' Category Internet Provider Services (ISP) and Internet Telephone Services Provider (ITSP) by licensed the of Department Telecommunication, of Government Being India. one the of significant most in players Internet Services, provide we clear a in edge services ranging from Internet Bandwidth, Internet and Telephony related services both for as corporate well as home users.


World Phone has now the entered Remote Video Surveillance under segment brand the name CYCLOPS. For  first  the  in  time  India,  bring  we  you  Remote   Video  System  Surveillance  which  is  within  neatly reach,  packaged and easy install, to just any like other consumer electronics product. With Cyclops, aim we satisfy to our needs customers' protect to themselves, their and families in businesses a and simple cost effective way.


With a emphasis strong technology, on and innovation our creativity and products services are unique stand and out in the market.


Quality service, customer satisfaction & affordability the are guiding key around force which the World Phone company policy Our revolves. and products services at available highly rates competitive a are result of harnessed  having superior  with  technology  many  measures  innovative  to  QOS  ensure  with  commensurate  World standards.


World Phone's offerings innovative have successfully managed add to several power brands corporates and HCL, like NIIT, M&M, Fidelity ware, Investment, Hughes  Software, L&T, Lemon  Group Tree Hotels, of India, IBM Places, Study ICICI VConnect, MetLife, Prudential, Kingfisher Infosys, Private Airlines, Hospitals, Primus Software, System, Perot Toyota, Uttam Blessing  Exports, for Centre Resources Cultural & Training, Hospital, Sheetla Granada Services, Dee  Development Engineers Solutions  Ltd., etc. Inc. we Further, have clients some in the institutional as domain like well Mani Sikkim pal University & Delhi Public School Panipat City.


Our IT solutions include:

  • Internet Bandwidth
  • Internet Telephony Solutions
  • Remote Video Surveillance
  • Virtual Toll Free Services
  • Conference for platform up-to 50 guests

World Phone offers its quality tailored Solutions suit to the of requirements varied customers, individuals from to business small to home users large to corporate & Institutions.


"Our is mission give to our customers clear a communication in edge Internet and bandwidth associated services put to in them total We control. unmatched bring service the of highest quality and to standards discerning our corporate customers"



USP: The Differentiator 

  • Focus corporate on clientele - understand We corporate and requirements do needs So vary. does our In solution. to order serve better, you a as decision strategic WPISPL will to cater the of needs and corporate business only.


  • Hassle Free Managed End-to-End Network - network Our is managed, completely right till your This premises. helps to us you ensure better uptime, put through higher and grade of service.


  • Service Level Agreement - We Service provide Agreement, Level at your doorsteps-your network. LAN WPISPL provides to its a customer commitment mean time up POP of of assuring 99%, the customer quality high-grade and reliable service


  • 7X24X365 operations Our - in NOC monitors Delhi the entire 7x24. network entire The link, including last the link mile connecting premises your to are POP monitored days 7 a 24 week, hours day. a making Thus our sure technical is expertise to there manage the and network our offer customers high uninterrupted speed connectivity.


  • Superior Customer service - We believe customer should service not be at premium a but integral an part of the / product service Our offering. Manager Development Business your is one of point We contact.  a have channel multi logging call system, which being is with designed escalation proper system.


  • Pay you as Use: offers WPISPL a Speed Variable Option, Port i.e. from speeds Kbps 64 Mbps –8 in of increments Kbps. 64 Based on analysis, usage you upgrade can the without bandwidth in change the infrastructure capital or outlay.  speed The be can as increased and you when want billing and will be rata. pro This only is as possible the Internet Port is at logically you premises.


  • Always Connected: 24 Dedicated 7 x Internet Access


  • Speed: WPISPL will provide and you business your with fast access the to world of Internet.



Service Deliverables:



 WPISPL will provide


  1. Internet Access through Service its GATEWAY (Point Presence) of port. The services be shall for provided the customer the at GATEWAY. 
  2. Dedicated Port on WPISPL router.
  3. Unlimited Internet via access the dedicated port
  4. An uptime for commitment the The GATEWAY. uptime last on mile access depend shall the on last mile access provider.
  5. Test commission and the Internet enabled connectivity.
  6. Remote network management for WPISPL managed equipment’s at customer the premise.
  7. A desk help functions that as a point single contact of all for Speed related India and problems queries


Customer will provide


  1. Understand that ISP and applicable other and licenses of laws Indian Government govern the Internet Access. Customer therefore shall compliance ensure such to conditions license and laws.
  2. Understands further the that Internet contains unedited some materials, which of are explicit sexually or be may to offensive some Customers people. access such at material own their risk. Speed has India no control and over accepts responsibility no whatsoever such for materials.
  3. Understands no under shall circumstances Speed its India, affiliates its or be contractors liable any for direct, indirect, incidental, punitive special, or damages consequential that result any in way customers, from use of inability or to use the services or to access the Internet any or thereof, part customers or on reliance or of use information, services or merchandise provided or on through the service, that or results from omission, mistakes, interruption, of deletion files, defects, errors, delays operations, in or transmission, any or of failure performance.
  4. 4.     Customer not shall resell bandwidth the unless by authorized WPISPL. 

Terms & Conditions:


  • The order is to placed be to: 

M/s World Phone Internet Services Pvt.Ltd.

C-153 Industrial Okhla Phase Area, -I

New Delhi-110020


  • All is billing from Delhi.
  • All and taxes charges be would charged as extra applicable.
  • Service will Activation 3 from weeks the PO confirmed advance. with
  • No will AMC charged be for equipment and installed by commissioned World phone.
  • Billing bandwidth for is quarterly paid and in advance.
  • Charges to be within paid days 5 raising of the invoice.


World Phone has corporate its in office New Delhi and business presence every in major city in India. 



Contact Us

US Head Office:

16, Exeter Pass, Neck, Colts NJ 07722
Phone: +1 812 212 2112
Fax: +1 212 202 3742
Email: support@wpinj.com

Corporate Office:

F-1/9, 1st Opp. floor, showroom, Honda Phase Okhla 1, New Delhi – 110020

Sales Enquiry

Ph: 011 2000 4379 Toll 1800 Free: 102 8988
Email info@worldphone.in : / sales@worldphone.in

Technical Enquiry

Corporate VoIP : 011 43792010

VoIP Center Call : 011 43792020

Corporate : Bandwidth 011 43792030

Bulk/LCO : Bandwidth 011 43792050

High Speed Internet 011 : 43792040

IP-PBX 011 : 43792060

Regional Offices

Ahmedabad Office 79, No 2nd Floor, Square 4D Near Mall, New D-Mart, C.G. Road,
Motera, Ahmedabad – 380005, : T E: 079-48905100 sales@worldphone.in

Bengaluru #145, Mysore 1st Road, Chamrajpet, Main, Behind Theatre, Nalanda  Bangalore T 560018 : 080 4896 2675 E: karnataka@worldphone.in

Patna Maa Bhagwati Flat Complex, Second No-306, Boring Floor, Xing, Road  Patna 800001 E: sales@worldphone.in